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Facets Support Agreements are annual or multi-year contracts designed to keep your operation running smoothly with customized packages of support services that can include preventative and remedial maintenance, training class credits, software upgrade licenses, and various levels of online, on-site, and telephone support.

Options Available

Flex Hours

We offer discounted packages of pre-purchased engineering hours that can be applied to a range of projects and services including:

Flex Hours can be redeemed and additional hours purchased at any time. Detailed explanations of these services may be found in Engineering Services and in the individual Facets Support Agreement.

Unlimited Hardware Support

With this option, all time spent on hardware preventive maintenance, telephone and on-site hardware troubleshooting, parts installation and parts system integration will not deduct from Flex Hours.

Perpetual Software Upgrades

The most economical way to take advantage of all D/3®, FlexBatch®, and other NovaTech software products as they are released.

Extended Software Warranties

With this option, warrantied troubleshooting services can be extended beyond initial terms and will not deduct from Flex Hours.

Maintenance Releases

Periodic improvements to major software versions  – maintenance releases – are made without a formal software version release. These releases may be requested by the customer for their own installation, but we recommend using Flex Hours.

Replacement Parts Coverage and Spare Parts Logistics

Receive replacement parts for covered items at no additional charge for the duration of the agreement. Parts are shipped within 24 hours or faster, depending on the Facets level. Customers can also elect to maintain an inventory of NovaTech-owned spare parts on their sites.

Training Classes

Operators, engineers and plant managers can all benefit from the wide variety of software, hardware, safety and programming classes offered at our locations, online, or at your facility.

On Site Support

Add full-time NovaTech Field Engineers at your facility for software and hardware support. Rapid-response service will be provided from the closest NovaTech location when an On Site Engineer is unavailable.

Service Levels At A Glance

Diamond Emerald Ruby Sapphire
Phone Support X X X X
Customer Support Website X X X X
Spare/Replacement Parts
Parts Logistics (onsite spare parts inventory) Option Option Option Option
Parts Coverage (covered parts are replaced) Option Option Option Option
Response Times 7×24 7×24 5×8 5×8
Telephone 2hr 4hr 24hr As available
Parts 4hr 24hr 48hr As available
On-Site Service* 4hr 8hr 24hr As scheduled
Maintenance Releases X X X X
Software Upgrade Licenses for D/3 or FlexBatch Option Option Option Option
Extended Software Warranty Option Option Option Option
Minimum Training Credits (Class Days) 25 15 10
Unlimited Hardware Support Labor Option Option Option Option
Flexible Support (Flex Hours) Regular Services
Preventive and Remedial Maintenance X X X X
Software Support X X X X
Hardware Support X X X X
Graphics Support X X X X
Engineering Services X X X X
Applications Support X X X X
Systems Engineering Support X X X X
Network Support X X X X
Resident On-Site Support Option Option Option Option
Minimum Flex Hours Included 160 80 40 20
Additional Flex Hours Available X X X X
Travel and Living Expenses N/C** N/C** Cost+10% Cost+10%

* Best effort to arrive on-site.
** If within 100-mile radius from field office.

  • D/3® Network Management [#S427]

    Aiken, SC Office

    A two-day course designed especially for the D/3® users. This industrial networking environment course presents modules on industrial hubs, KVM(s), switches, routers, VPN(s) and firewalls with a focus on MTBF (mean time between failure).

    February 18, 2016 – February 19, 2016

  • Windows Security for D/3® [#S435]

    Aiken, SC Office

    A five-day course is “packed” with the latest security information and documentation you need to learn the dangers and defenses you can use to evaluate and support the security of a Microsoft Windows system configured for D/3® operation.

    March 14, 2016 – March 18, 2016

  • D/3 Process Control System Overview

    This video introduces the D/3, the distributed control system trusted by many Fortune 100 companies to keep their global operations’ continuous and batch processes running smoothly and efficiently. Part one reviews the system architecture and configuration tools.

    February 08, 2016

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