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We Build Smarter Power and Process Infrastructure

NovaTech products and services simplify complexity, reduce risk and extend the capabilities of the engineers and organizations making the world’s power grids and essential process industries more reliable, efficient, sustainable and secure.

Our industry-leading power measurement, substation automation, process control and cyber security solutions are used by hundreds of U.S. Utilities and several Fortune 100 process manufacturers worldwide.

In applications ranging from power generation to agriculture, biofuels, brewing, specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals, our solutions emphasize open standards, ease of deployment, integration of existing assets, and world class customer support.


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    Security Monitoring Points

    The standard OrionLX software feature “Sensor Master” (NCD Version 3.27 or higher and OrionLX release 8.3 or higher) now includes new points to monitor how a user is logged in or attempting to log in.

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    ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    Employees accept the Ice Bucket Challenge – watch the videos.

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    Bitronics Inspires Students Who Ask “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?”

    Last year, middle school students in 16 public school districts in Pennsylvania were challenged with the question, “What’s so cool about manufacturing?”

    Their answer: Bitronics.

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