Wavewin Bitronics Software

Wavewin Bitronics Event Viewer

Simple and Powerful Event Record Retrieval, Management, and Analysis Software

Wavewin Bitronics software from SoftStuf, Inc., allows for retrieval, management, viewing and analysis of all Comtrade files from Bitronics Event Recorders.

There are two available software packages, the Wavewin Bitronics Event Viewer, and the Wavewin Bitronics Device Manager that includes the Event Viewer.  With the Event Viewer, you can merge or append common files to create a single view and it includes several analysis tools. The software permits the conversion of file names to the IEEE long file naming format (C37.232). Computed Software Channels are also provided for advanced analysis.  The Device Manager allows for up to 2000 Bitronics IEDs to be automatically polled to retrieve and store event records. A free full feature limited use version of either software package is available. Both can be made permanent, the Event Viewer at no cost, while the Device Manager requires a fee that is scaled based on the number of IEDs to be supported.  You can evaluate, purchase, and upgrade your Wavewin Bitronics online at http://www.wavewinbitronics.com

  • Bitronics: A Century of Innovation

    Bitronics Measurement and Event Recording products have been used throughout the US electric utilities and internationally in traditional and cutting-edge “Smart Grid” applications. The products have been made in Bethlehem, PA, USA since 1908 and continue to be the gold standard for reliability and innovation in the electric utility substation measurement market.

    February 07, 2016

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