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From the Tennessee Valley Authority to the Three Gorges Dam in China, Bitronics delivers unparalleled reliability and accuracy. Over 140,000 Bitronics products are deployed worldwide and by over 1,200 U.S. utilities. All currently manufactured products are backed by a hassle-free ten year guarantee.

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    Bitronics P33 Output Only Module

    Bitronics has developed the P33 Digital Output Module to meet the demand for separate dedicated input and output devices.

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  • Bruce Muschlitz sitting on the "Ask the Experts" panel at the 2015 PAC World Conference in Glasgow, UK.

    Technical Papers Cover IEC 61850

    Bruce Muschlitz, NovaTech Staff Research Engineer, presents technical papers covering various aspects of IEC 61850.

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    Bitronics Inspires Students Who Ask “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?”

    Last year, middle school students in 16 public school districts in Pennsylvania were challenged with the question, “What’s so cool about manufacturing?”

    Their answer: Bitronics.

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