Substation Data Server

The OrionLX or LXm can serve as a Substation Data Server. Selected non-operational analog and discrete data from substation meters, event recorders, relays and other IEDs – including files and calculated data – is stored in non-volatile Orion memory. Any subset of these data can be presented to multiple clients using flexible communication options. For example, files can be pushed to an FTP client using secure SFTP, or Orion can respond to SQL Queries from corporate databases. Sequence of events and alarms can be served out on webpages, and relay settings and event records can be pushed out to a relay database.

Software for this Application


Enables user-selected files (relay records, .csv SOE files, etc.) to be automatically transferred from the OrionLX to a remote FTP site using FTP or SFTP.


Open object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) used in the OrionLX to store SOE points, Alarms, Tags, and files in non-volatile Expanded Memory.


Enables tasks such as Email and FileMover to be scheduled.

Text Generator

Enables the OrionLX to operate as a text generator for attaching text to numeric-based points based on prioritized conditions or rules. Once the OrionLX processes a numeric point change event, a defined text message is attached to the point, which will result in other modules such as the Email Module or Data Logger Module being notified of a text-based point change event. If the Email Module is set up in conjunction with the Text Module, the defined text change events (e.g. SEL® Event Reports) will be sent as email messages to the groups defined in the Email module.


Enables ASCII data from SEL® or Alstom Optimho relays to be viewed in webpages served out from the OrionLX.

WEBserver XML

Includes XML protocol to transfer data into custom webpages. Also include Inkscape plug-ins to simplify point selection and for graphics libraries.


Enable OrionLX to send messages (text strings) and attached files (such as SEL® Event Reports and Histories) to individual users or groups of users.


Includes strong passwords, user privileges, firewall, key cryptography and security logging.

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