Shore Power

The OrionLX or OrionLXm acts as a data and control hub in an innovative shore power substation solution by Cochran Marine. In the application, ships anchored in harbor are connected to shore power through a combination of a tap changing transformer, frequency converter, and circuit breaker. Bitronics recorders and meters, and Orion data processing and local HMI, tie it all together. Operators enter the voltage and frequency of the docked ship into the local HMI and initiate the switch to shore power, and the math and logic functions in Orion manage the auto synchronization of source and load. Docked ships running on shore power can turn off their diesel power, resulting in lower emissions and reduced environmental impact while the ship is docked.

Software for this Application

WEBserver XML

Includes XML protocol to transfer data into custom webpages. Also include Inkscape plug-ins to simplify point selection and for graphics libraries.

Advanced Math and Logic

Performs all function of the OrionLX Math and Logic module plus includes advanced functions such as poll modification, string manipulation, arrays, File I/O (open text file, extract data or make changes, close and re-save). This package is based on the Lua programming language and executes much faster and uses less CPU processing than the standard Math and Logic Module.

OrionLX Hardware Features for this Application

Multimedia Board

Board with VGA Video Port, 3rd Ethernet Port, Audio Port and two USB Ports for keyboard and mouse (requires HP CPU).


Example Installation

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