Protective Relay Communication Processor

The OrionLX or LXm can serve as a protective relay communications processor by connecting to SEL, ABB, GE, Alstom/Areva, Basler, Beckwith, Siemens and other relays using RS232, RS485, Fiber or Ethernet and over 50 available protocols. Orion then passes real-time data and event records from all attached relays to SCADA, and provides engineering groups with event records and the ability to manage settings and changes using secure “passthrough” communications.

Software for this Application


Enables the OrionLX to appear as an SEL® communications processor (e.g. 2020, 2030 or 2032) using a serial dial-up connection or network connection. Also includes OrionLX access features and modem control features.


Enables user-selected files (relay records, .csv SOE files, etc.) to be automatically transferred from the OrionLX to a remote FTP site using FTP or SFTP.

PassThru Interface Master

For using the OrionLX as a port switch. This software is for the port attached to the IED and is not required when using SEL® Master protocol or OPTIMHO Master protocol.

PassThru Interface Slave

For using the OrionLX as a port switch. This software is for the network port (e.g. Ethernet port) attached to the OrionLX. Not required when using iDial.


Enables ASCII data from SEL® or Alstom Optimho relays to be viewed in webpages served out from the OrionLX.

Relay Data Logger

Enables the OrionLX to accesses SEL® full length event reports and to place these reports [records] into a user-defined file in the OrionLX memory. Requires SEL® Master protocol #14.


Enable OrionLX to send messages (text strings) and attached files (such as SEL® Event Reports and Histories) to individual users or groups of users.

Protocols for this Application

SEL Master

For communication to SEL® protective relays. Includes Fast Messaging, Fast Operate, SEL® ASCII, and Fast SER®. Supports capture of SEL® Standard Event Report Summaries and SEL® Full-length Standard Event Reports while polling for SCADA data and issuing control commands. Supports pass through of ASCII data directly from attached PC to SEL® relays, through OrionLX. Includes “RelayHelper” to autogenerate pick lists for SEL® relays. Note optional “ASCII IED Web” software module for viewing ASCII data from SEL® relays in a standard webpage, and option “Email” software module for emailing Event reports and Histories from SEL® relays.

OrionLX Hardware Features for this Application

Serial Communications Ports

Modem-Serial Dial-in

Internal Dial-In/Dial-Out 33.6K Modem (includes I-dial software option). Also supports PPP protocol.

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