An OrionLX in a Box Half the Size

It's a Pretty Big Deal.

The OrionLXm is a physically smaller OrionLX designed for applications requiring fewer connections and less space, including smaller distribution substations and OEM and pole-top RTU applications.  The OrionLXm has more power and cyber security features than the transducer-mount Orion5, and it runs all OrionLX options and protocols with the same code base.  All connections and diagnostic LEDs are on the front face, and universal mounting options include panel, 19” rack or DIN-rail.

Hardware Features


Ethernet Switch and Fiber Option

The OrionLXm can be ordered with a built-in unmanaged Ethernet switch on one of its two NICs (E1).  The other port, E0, can be copper, Multimode fiber, or single-mode fiber.

Flexible Mounting Options


Optional Discrete I/O


The OrionLXm Discrete I/O module offers 12 inputs in two groups of six, plus two Form A (NO) outputs and two Form C (NO/NC) outputs. Outputs are monitored by a built-in input circuit. If outputs are not required, these monitoring inputs can be used as general- purpose wide-range inputs, bring the total to 16 inputs. When ordered, this I/O module occupies one of the OrionLXm option card slots. Two I/O modules can be ordered to occupy both slots, for a total of 24 inputs and 8 outputs, or 32 inputs.

Four option cards are available:

  • Four RS-232/485 serial ports
  • Four ST serial fiber ports
  • Discrete I/O 12-in/4-out or 16-in
  • One Bit Synchronous port and three RS-232/485 ports

OrionLXm Specifications

Environmental Operating Temperature: – 40oC to + 70oC; Operating Humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing
Performance / Capabilities IED / SCADA Points: 20,000; Refresh Rate: < 2 sec typical
Processor CPU: 720MHz; DRAM: 512MB

Physical Connections

  • IRIG-B Input: Modulated or Unmodulated; Twisted Pair
  • RS-232 / 485: DB9 (Female); 2 banks of 4 each (up to 8 total); Software selectable; 25mA@5V on pin #1; IRIG-B on pins #4 and #6 (unmodulated)
  • Ethernet: Phase 1: 2 RJ45 10/100 copper; Phase 2: 6 RJ45 or 2 MT-RJ Fiber, 4 RJ45

Power Supply Input Voltage – Two supplies offered:

  • 24 – 250V dc (+/- 15%) and 69 – 240V ac (+10%/-15%)
  • #2: 12V dc (+20%/-15%)

Power Required 10 Watts (typical) 15 Watts (max)

Discrete I/O Specifications


  • 12 selectable-range inputs in two groups of six inputs
  • Two ranges, jumper-selectable: 10-70V dc (for 12V dc and 48V dc applications) or 80-280V dc (for 125V dc and 250V dc applications)
  • Four additional wide-range inputs if outputs not used • Input circuit draw: 2.5mA max
  • Inputs time-stamped to within 25mS or better


  • Heavy-duty protective relay-grade for direct connection to circuit breaker trip coils.
  • Four isolated outputs: Two form A (NO, two terminal each) and two form C (NO/NC, three terminals each)
  • Output state monitored with internal input. This circuit can be jumpered out if desired.
  • All input and output connectors are removable Phoenix-type screw terminals for 12 to 24 AWG wiring. Terminals can be positively retained with screws.


  • -40C to +70C
  • Designed to meet C37.90 fast transient, RFI and electrostatic discharge

Comparison with OrionLX

Physical Feature OrionLX OrionLXm Reasons Different
Serial Ports An number from 1 to 17, RS-232 (A or E), RS-485, RS-422 (B or G), Serial Fiber (C or H), Bit Synchronous (D), HDLC (F) Up to two serial cards, factory upgradeable Less space, less cost
Ethernet Two Standard Eth0 / Eth1 copper ports, Optional Eth1 fiber, Optional Eth2 copper port Standard Eth0 / Eth1 copper ports Even smaller jobs will need more Ethernet
Maintenance Port USB or RS-232 USB only Less space, RS-232 not available on newer PCs
Aux USB Port 2 standard, 2 optional on MMB None available Less space, Direct Video not on OrionLXm
IRIG-B Unmodulated or modulated COAX Unmodulated only, twisted pair Space and cost
1PPS input Yes No rarely used in distribution substations
Local I/O 4 in / 2 out, Alarm Contact 1 in, Alarm Contact, plus up to two optional 12 in/4 out cards More built in I/O can eliminate the need for a separate I/O module
VGA Direct Video Port Available option Not available Less space, No HP CPU to support Direct Video
Modem (built in, internal) Available option Not available, but can connect external modem Less space, Fewer modem applications due to NERC, plus more broadband
Power Supply 12 and 24 V dc, 48V dc, 120V ac / 125V dc and 120V ac, Dual option 24 – 250V dc; 120 – 240V ac, 12V dc, No dual option International will require 240V ac, No space for dual power supply


OrionLXm Communication Protocols, Math and Logic and Software Options

The OrionLXm supports all common “Master” and “Client” protocols, and “Slave” and “Server” protocols including DNP3, SEL Master, Modbus, IEC 61850 and IEC 60870. With an optional “Bit Synchronous” card, support is provided for legacy CDC and Conitel protocols as well. The OrionLXm also supports IEC 61131-3 Math & Logic, Alarm Annunciation, SOE and Points Blocking software options. For complete details, see the OrionLXm Model # Builder below:

OrionLXm Model # Builder:

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    The Orion Family of Substation Automation Platforms and I/O perform an expanding array of automation and security applications in electric utility substations, with minimal setup and maintenance. A single Orion can replace multiple legacy boxes in a substation, reducing hardware, design, wiring, and panel costs.

    February 21, 2019

  • Orion Automation Platform Features Update  

    The Orion Family now includes the new OrionLX+ plus the OrionLX CPX, OrionLXm and Orion I/O. All these Orions share the same firmware and configuration in NCD. The new features and enhancements described below are now available to simplify usage, expand application and reduce cost of ownership.

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  • Orion Hot Active: Standby Redundancy  

    A Hot Active – Standby Redundancy capability is now available for the OrionLX and OrionLXm. This new design simplifies operation and diagnostics in multiple redundant substation automation and SCADA applications.

    April 10, 2018

  • NovaTech Orion I/O Application Note  

    NovaTech Orion I/O™ is an extension of the family of OrionLX™ Automation Platforms for substation automation and incorporates the same security features, software tools and “NCD” configuration as the OrionLX. It is a rack-mountable I/O assembly with four slots—A, B, C, and D—that can be filled with any combination of I/O cards: currently 16-Point Discrete Input Card,

    December 12, 2018

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    The NovaTech Orion WEBserver uses open-source graphics development, a pre-defined library of faceplates, a tiled alarm annunciator and simple setup to provide small and medium-sized utilities with a robust, low-cost SCADA solution for substation monitoring.

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  • Hot Standby Redundancy in OrionLX and OrionLXm

    Hot standby redundancy allows continuous synchronization of substation data in two OrionLX or OrionLXms, providing additional reliability for critical substation automation and SCADA applications.

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  • NovaTech Utility Systems and Services

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