Orion Redundancy

These Orions are Redundant

Hot Active-Standby Redundancy replicates operator HMI bi-directionally and minimizes duplicated and/or missed events without interruption.

The OrionLX CPX and the OrionLXm can be configured as a hot-standby redundant pair to support applications as a SCADA RTU, substation HMI, Alarm Annunciator, SOE Recorder and substation controller with low-speed to medium-speed logic.  Both Orions run identical NCD configurations, logic and webpage configurations, and configurations are auto-replicated between the two.

Key Features

  • Communication to DNP3 SCADA minimizes missed events and avoids duplicate events during switchover using OrionLX database synchronization.
  • TCP SCADA can poll to a single TCP at a single IP address.  The “Active” OrionLX assumes an alias IP address to make this possible.
  • Serial SCADA interacts with Active Orion until throwover is required to Standby. Event buffers are intelligently managed to avoid event floods.
  • Tags and Tag Log, Acknowledged Alarms, and Blocked Points and other operator-initiated actions are replicated bi-directionally (Active-to-Standby and Standby-to-Active), so operators can use either HMI for viewing status, placing tags, acknowledging alarms, blocking points or executing controls.
  • OrionLX Math & Logic schemes are simplified though database synchronization.
  • All IEDs can be polled by both Active and Standby Orion, ensuring that the communication health of the Standby Orion is known prior to throwover.
  • Communication health and other diagnostic data is continuously monitored between Standby and Active Orion.
  • Throwover to the Standby OrionLX can be accomplished manually or automatically.
  • A “Standalone” mode is offered for testing configurations and upgraded firmware.
  • NCD, Math & Logic and SVG webpage configurations and SVG pages loaded to Active Orion are automatically transferred to Standby Orion.
  • A redundancy diagnostic and status webpage provides intuitive situational awareness


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  • NovaTech Orion WEBserver SCADA & HMI

    The NovaTech Orion WEBserver uses open-source graphics development, a pre-defined library of faceplates, a tiled alarm annunciator and simple setup to provide small and medium-sized utilities with a robust, low-cost SCADA solution for substation monitoring.

    April 3, 2018

  • Hot Standby Redundancy in OrionLX and OrionLXm

    Hot standby redundancy allows continuous synchronization of substation data in two OrionLX or OrionLXms, providing additional reliability for critical substation automation and SCADA applications.

    April 3, 2018

  • NovaTech Utility Systems and Services

    Almost half of NovaTech’s business is in Systems and Services including web page design, panel design, math and logic development, Orion configuration, and onsite installation and commissioning. Mark Matassa explains how our engineers can work with you to reduce project execution time at the 2016 DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida.

    March 18, 2016

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