Multimedia Board

OrionLX Multimedia Board

The OrionLX™ Multimedia Board (MMB) allows direct connection of VGA video, a USB keyboard, and a third Ethernet port to the OrionLX, eliminating the need for a costly Substation PC and its associated NERC CIP headaches.  Traditional Substation PC-based HMIs are one of the most expensive components in a substation automation system due to increased hardware, software, training and maintenance requirements. The MMB together with Orion WEBserver HMI and Direct Video, all costs are reduced.

Orion WEBserver HMI graphics are created using the open source graphics package Inkscape and served directly from the OrionLX to be viewed on the substation touchscreen display monitor using an onboard Midori web browser, or remotely from any web browser.  Using the VGA monitor and USB Keyboard attached to the OrionLX allows text editing, transfer of files from OrionLX USB ports, calculator, and Wireshark diagnostics.  The optional OrionLX Alarm-Archive-Retentive (AAR) software module allows for pre-formatted sequence of events, alarm, and trending pages to be served out as webpages.

The MMB also provides a third Ethernet port, making possible three independent Ethernet networks. Other ports include an Audio Out port, two additional USB Ports for keyboard and mouse connections and the dedicated VGA monitor port.


Rear view of OrionLX with installed Multimedia Board 

VGA Touchscreen Monitor




A rugged VGA Touchscreen Monitor is available for the OrionLX, eliminating the need for a substation PC and its inherent software and Cyber Security hassles. Webpages served from the OrionLX, and applications supported by the OrionLX (terminal mode, screen capture, text editing, etc) can be viewed on this VGA Touchscreen when OrionLX is equipped with the optional Multimedia Board. Note this monitor works both as a touchscreen monitor and with a keyboard/mouse at the same time.


  • Viewable area: 19”
  • Brightness: 300 cd/m2
  • Contrast ratio: 700:1
  • Viewing angle: V/H 80°/75°
  • Response time: 8ms
  • Pixel pitch: 0.294mm
  • Maximum resolution: 1280 x 1024
  • Input power: 125V or 48V dc
  • 19” Rack-Mount or Panel-Mount
  • On-Screen Controls allow quick and easy adjustment of screen elements with simple to use on-screen menus in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.
  • Full Scan Capability allows use of the entire screen area.
  • Plug and Play with OrionLX This touchscreen has been tested for compatibility with the Direct VGA Video OrionLX (with the optional Multimedia Board), and includes a calibration utility.
  • Ergonomic Design Features improve the working environment, protect the health of the user and save money.
  • Power Saving Mode can be set to shift to a lower power consumption level when not in use. This will save useful life of backlight lamps.

Available Models

  • Rack Mount 125V dc: TR-LCD1900-RM-TOUCH-125V dc
  • Rack Mount 48V dc: TR-LCD1900-RM-TOUCH-48V dc
  • Panel Mount 125V dc: TR-LCD1900-PM-TOUCH125V dc
  • Panel Mount 48V dc: TR-LCD1900-PM-TOUCH-48V dc

Keyboard Available

  • 1U 19″ Rack-Mount Keyboard/Mouse Drawer
  • Front side ear and rear for rack mount
  • Multi-language keyboard available
  • Supports touch pad function
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