Alarm Annunciation

Tile Annunciator

Add Tiled Alarms to a Substation HMI in Minutes

The OrionLX Tile Annunciator is a web-based software-defined alarm annunciation product. The Tile Annunciator webpages are served directly from an OrionLX automation platform and provide simplified setup, categorization and viewing of active and acknowledged alarms in substation HMI and web-based SCADA applications.

Any data point in the OrionLX database, either obtained from attached IEDs or calculated, can be designated as an alarm point and displayed on the Tile Annunciator.

The Tile Annunciator is available on the OrionLXm or the OrionLX with the “CPX” High Performance CPU option. Tile sizing, text sizing and page layout is optimized for use with the NovaTech 19” rack mount touchscreen monitor. Requires the Alarm-Archive-Retentive (AAR) option.



  • Up to 60 alarm tiles per page, up to 24 pages. Total 1440 alarms
  • Time-stamping to the precision of the point source, usually 1mS
  • Tiles can be assigned either Orion point name, Alias* name or user-defined name. Alarm history provided
  • Alarm state retained through power cycling
  • User-defined alarm ON message and alarm OFF message
  • Simple set-up in NovaTech Configuration Director (NCD)

Simple Setup

  1. Point-and-click selection of alarm points in the OrionLX database
  2. Configure alarm parameters (ON state, OFF state, alarm message, retentive, etc.)
  3. Add a Tile Annunciator page and name it
  4. Move and rename alarm points to tiles using grid row and column coordinates (R1 C2, R2 C1, etc.)
  5. View and rearrange tile arrangement as desired using drag and drop