NERC CIP Password, Configuration and Remote Access Management

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Password, Configuration, and Remote Access Management

The NovaTech NERC CIP Password, Configuration and Remote Access Management system is part of an overall NERC CIP solution.  Two NovaTech technology partners, Tripwire and PAS (of Houston, TX), provide aspects of a total NERC CIP solution, which addresses the needs of Protective Relay Engineers, IT Security professionals, and NERC CIP Compliance Managers.

The OrionLX or LXm Automation Processors provide Protective Relay Engineers with access to relays to obtain records and other non-operational data. The settings retrieval capability added to the OrionLX, along with PAS enterprise functions, address NERC CIP-010 and PRC-005 requirements, and also provide engineers with an accurate, automatically-updated centralized repository for relay settings. The number of trips to the substation can thereby be significantly reduced. IT Security professionals can be assured that Password Administration is covered, secure remote access is in place and configuration baselines are recorded and monitored. Inside the substation, intrusion is monitored and prevented by the OrionLX using tools compliant to the latest Version 5 requirements. For NERC CIP Compliance Managers, the solution facilitates continuous compliance monitoring, documents compliance, and full reporting to support annual filing requirements as well as ad-hoc reports for audit support.

Solution Architecture

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Access Management

  • Secure Remote Access includes encrypted connection between substation IEDs and enterprise users.
  • User Password Management includes centralized password administration, two-factor authentication, individual users privileges, and role-based access controls.
  • IED Password Management includes password change management, support for multiple password levels, and password checkout.

Vulnerability Assessment Annual Audit

  • Device Discovery includes active scan of Ethernet devices and discovery of serial devices attached to the OrionLX Security Gateway.
  • Open Port Scan includes active scan of open TCP and UDP ports.
  • Workflow includes specific steps as required by vulnerability procedure.
  • Evidence Capture includes the “proof” to show assessments meet latest NERC CIP-010 V5 requirements. 

Continuous Configuration Management

  • Inventory includes tools for discovery, characterization and classification of cyber assets.
  • Configuration Baseline includes database of critical asset “configurations”; settings files, logic files, custom pages, installed packages, etc.
  • Configuration Change Monitoring includes retrieval of asset configurations from substations, highlighting of changes against Baseline, identification of who made the change, etc.
  • Configuration Policies includes definition of what should be in all assets of a given type; patches, firmware versions, relay settings, etc.

Monitoring and Analysis

  • Security Logging (syslog, etc.) includes collection of logged data from devices in substations, generation plants and control rooms.
  • “SIEM” Security Incident and Event Management include correlation, visualization, and trend analysis of logged data.
  • Alerts for Unauthorized Changes includes notification to responsible personnel and automatic incident response workflow.


  • Change Testing includes capture of test results and update of configuration policies.
  • Change Implementation includes scheduling, approving and deploying changes, plus reconciling actual changes to approved changes.
  • Patch Assessment includes process for assessing patches for applicability and coordinating patch updates.
  • Incident Response includes workflow triggered automatically based on unreconciled detected changes.
  • Periodic Review includes automatic initiation of a date-based review and approval workflow.

Complete Systems Engineering from NovaTech

NovaTech project managers and engineers can work with you to assist in the design and implementation of a complete system. Our services include configuration, installation, commissioning and training.

Introductory Webinars

Watch these to learn more and check Upcoming Events tab for upcoming webinars:

OrionLX Compliance to NERC CIP 007 Describes features in the OrionLX to meet the existing NERC CIP-007 Version 3 requirements. Topics include securing communications ports, patch management, malicious software prevention, security status monitoring, and disposal and redeployment. Upcoming Version 5 requirements, including NERC CIP-010, are also summarized. Watch Now >

Review of NERC CIP 010 and 011 Reviews the impending requirements in NERC CIP-010 and the features in the NovaTech/PAS system to meet them. Topics include new definitions for High and Medium Impact BES Cyber Systems, details of Version 5 and the requirements management of settings changes to critical relays and other IEDs. Watch Now >

Software for this Application

  • FileMover enables user-selected files (relay records, .csv SOE files, etc.) to be automatically transferred from the OrionLX to a remote FTP site using FTP or SFTP.
  • Scheduler enables tasks such as Email and FileMover to be scheduled.
  • Security includes strong passwords, user privileges, firewall, key cryptography and security logging.
  • Configuration Manager Agent
  • Connection Manager Agent

OrionLX Hardware Features for this Application

  • High Performance CPU 1.33GHz.

OrionLXm Hardware Features for this Application

  • 720MHz CPU

  • Orion Products Overview Brochure  

    The Orion Family of Substation Automation Platforms and I/O perform an expanding array of automation and security applications in electric utility substations, with minimal setup and maintenance. A single Orion can replace multiple legacy boxes in a substation, reducing hardware, design, wiring, and panel costs.

    February 21, 2019

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    A Hot Active – Standby Redundancy capability is now available for the OrionLX and OrionLXm. This new design simplifies operation and diagnostics in multiple redundant substation automation and SCADA applications.

    April 10, 2018

  • NovaTech Orion I/O Application Note  

    NovaTech Orion I/O™ is an extension of the family of OrionLX™ Automation Platforms for substation automation and incorporates the same security features, software tools and “NCD” configuration as the OrionLX. It is a rack-mountable I/O assembly with four slots—A, B, C, and D—that can be filled with any combination of I/O cards: currently 16-Point Discrete Input Card,

    December 12, 2018

  • Pole Top Power Monitoring Solutions  

    NovaTech now offers complete packaged solutions for pole top mounting to support distribution automation applications. Solutions are engineered and packaged per customer specification and can include a user-specified enclosure, locking door with door switch, radio and associated distribution sensors.

    January 29, 2018

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  • Hot Standby Redundancy in OrionLX and OrionLXm

    Hot standby redundancy allows continuous synchronization of substation data in two OrionLX or OrionLXms, providing additional reliability for critical substation automation and SCADA applications.

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  • NERC CIP Cyber Security Solutions

    Tripwire and NovaTech jointly present on security solution to meet the latest NERC CIP requirements including Access Management, Security Monitoring, Configuration Management, and Event Analysis.

    March 18, 2016

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