Math and Logic Processor

The OrionLX or OrionLXm can serve as a substation Math and Logic Processor. Data polled from attached IEDs – meters, event recorders, I/O, relays, breakers, etc – can be manipulated using the OrionLX internal Math and Logic Functions. Available Math and Logic software includes Advanced Math and Logic, based upon the Lua language, LogicPak and IEC 61131-3. The IEC 61131 toolkit includes intuitive, PLC-style visual programming conventions including Ladder and Function Block Diagrams. LogicPak includes preconfigured logic routines for “OR”, “AND”, “DELAY”, LOCAL/REMOTE”, NEGATE, “PRIMARY/BACK-UP”, and “KYZ”.
This OrionLX onboard logic can filter and condition substation data before presenting it to SCADA or Engineering groups, or can implement substation and feeder automation schemes through control of local reclosers.

Software for this Application


LogicPak provides pre-configured logic functions for commonly-used routines: AND, OR, Negate, Primary/Secondary, Local/Remote, Delay and KYZ.

Math and Logic (.bas)

Complete math and logic editor based upon a Basic-like language. Includes simulation tool.

Advanced Math and Logic (.lua)

Performs all function of the OrionLX Math and Logic module plus includes advanced functions such as poll modification, string manipulation, arrays, File I/O (open text file, extract data or make changes, close and re-save).  This package is based on the Lua programming language and executes much faster and uses less CPU processing than the standard Math and Logic Module.

IEC 61131-3 Math and Logic

Includes: LD-Ladder Diagram, FBD-Function Block Diagram, ST-Structured Text, IL-Instruction List and SFC-Sequential Function Chart

OrionLX Hardware Features for this Application

High Performance CPU

1.33GHz.  Includes 4GB Expanded Memory for Alarm-Archive Retentive (AAR) Software module.


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