Distributed Combination I/O

The rugged NovaTech Distributed Combination I/O Module (DCIO) can help reduce wiring and costs in substation monitoring and control applications. Its hardened design, small form factor, and distributed communications capability allow it to be installed virtually anywhere in the substation. DCIO modules can be wired back to any RTU or PLC supporting the DNP3 protocol using an RS-232, RS-485, fiber optic or Ethernet connection. The DCIO is available with eight inputs, eight outputs, and eight transducer inputs. The DCIO also offers high resolution (1ms) time-stamping, an IRIG-B port, and independent input circuits in an enclosed package. Customized input and output labels can be inserted into the front panel. The DCIO, along with the Distributed Discrete I/O module (DDIO), provides security features to meet NERC CIP requirements, including strong passwords, user groups, encrypted protocols and firewall.

Environmental and Immunity Operating Temperature Range: -20° to + 70°C; Tested to IEEE C37.90.1, 2 and 3 surge

Communication Protocol Configuration DNP3 to module for status and control. Unsolicited Report-by-Exception (URBE) supported; Set Time on module supported; Serial baud rate set up to 57.6kb, Ethernet 10/100M Baud rate. Simple Mode: Set address and comm parameters with DIP switches. Advanced Mode: Set advanced comm parameters through webpages served from module

Discrete Inputs/Outputs

  • 8-in / 8-out @ 12, 24, 48 or 125V dc (+/- 20%).
  • Other configurations available by special order.
  • Input circuit draw: 2mA
  • Output relays: Heavy duty protective relay-grade 10A for direct connection to circuit breaker trip coils
  • Removable Phoenix Type Screw Terminals, 12 – 24AWG

Mechanical 10 Million no load operations
Make 30A @ 180V dc per IEEE C37.90
Breaking Capacity (10,000 operations) .3A at 125V dc per IEC 60255-0-20:1974
Cyclic Capacity (2.5 cycles/second) .3A at 125V dc per IEC 60255-0-20:1974
Analog Inputs individually selectable per point with slide switch

  • +/- 2mA for “-1mA to +1mA” and “0 to 1mA” applications
  • +/- 20mA for “4 to 20mA” applications
  • +/- 10V for “0 to 10V”, “0 to 5V” applications

Analog Specifications

  • Input Impedence: 0- 10V: 10KΩ; 0- 1mA: 500Ω; 4- 20mA: 50Ω
  • Overload Range: 0- 10V: -12.5V to +12.5V; 0- 1mA: -2.5mA to +2.5mA; 4- 20mA: 0mA to 25mA
  • Overall Accuracy: + / – .2% V; + / – .2% A
  • Isolation: Channel to channel: 300V dc; Input to chassis: 3000V dc
  • Temperature Coefficient: + / – 100ppm per degree C
  • Rejection: Minimum common mode rejection of 115dB; Minimum differential mode rejection (60Hz) of +60dB

Physical Ports

Built-In RS-232 (DB9F) Built-In Ethernet Port (RJ45 Style 10/100BaseT) RS-485 Type B (Screw Terminals Two-Wire or Four-Wire) or Fiber Optic Type C (ST Connector) RS-232 Type A (DB9F) or RS-485 Type G (Screw Terminals Two-Wire) or Fiber Optic Type J (V-Pin Connector) IRIG-B or 1PPS (Screw Terminal)
Data Communications to DNP3 Master X X X
Time Synchronization X (using NTP) X X
Online Diagnostics X X
Configuration X

Dimensions and Mounting

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Discrete Circuit Diagram


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