Process Analytics Dashboards

Improve Bottom Line Performance


With Real-Time, Role-Based Dashboards of Strategic Key Performance Indicators

Process Analytics dashboards are web-based visualizations that aggregate and combine process performance from a single or multiple plants into an intuitive diagnostic toolset for improved performance.  They allow a shared and improved understanding of the manufacturing process as a combined whole, focusing operations staff on critical performance indicators, improving safety and squeezing more profit from plant operations. Teams and companies set integrated goals, track performance, perform root cause analysis and make refinements to further optimize the process. Our team creates the digital infrastructure, system design and custom programming required to create, consolidate and convert data into the actionable information that drives better bottom line performance at all levels of the organization.

Solution Components


Starting with the desired enterprise and plant performance metrics that drive your business, we undertake a systematic survey of your systems,  interview your management team, and develop prototype wireframes of role based visualization dashboards.  All stakeholders thereby have a both clear picture of the big picture, and their role-based window into it.


Next we design the physical infrastructure, specifying server hardware, database schema, network communication, and data flow.  Our goal is to leave data where it resides natively and access data at run time on an as needed bases.

Data Flow

Engineers design SQL and OPC pipes to deliver the required data to the Process Analytics engine. We also determine if system modification or additional programming will be required to supply data to the analytics engine.


Programmers create linkage to all data sources, create custom dashboard displays and modify existing control system code to supply data to the process Analytics Engine.  If necessary, we work with developers of Historian, Lab, Quality, MES, or ERP systems to create the appropriate data and pipes to drive the Process Analytics displays.


Comprehensive Factory Acceptance tests are conducted at NovaTech. Our team delivers, connects and configures the system at your site. The system is validated and started up. Users are trained on system usage paying special attention to the data provided for the various Roles within the enterprise.


As with any sophisticated system, routine analysis and maintenance will help ensure optimal performance. We provide detailed system and process diagnostic displays for system administrators, process engineers, and technicians. Whether debugging a field device or analyzing server performance, these tools play an important role in managing your digital infrastructure and the overall success of your operation.

Solution Architecture


Example Screenshots

process analytics screens

  • D/3® Distributed Control System Overview Brochure  

    The D/3® Distributed Control System (DCS) is a leading edge process control system that includes a comprehensive suite of software applications, networks, and computing hardware. D/3 features system-wide redundancy and the ability to upgrade without stopping plant operations.

    October 28, 2016

  • It is fair to say that without a fully functional distributed control system (DCS), a modern plant cannot operate safely and efficiently and in some cases, cannot operate at all. Therefore, it is vital to ensure the integrity of all DCSs and protect them from malicious attacks, accidental corruption, and data breaches that may jeopardize safety or production or may compromise the end user’s competitive advantage in the marketplace.

    This paper describes the philosophy and guidelines for keeping your D/3® DCS secure from cyberattacks.

    August 1, 2016

  • PCM5 — D/3 Process Control Module 5 Series  

    The NovaTech D/3® Process Control Module 5 Series (PCM5) represents a leap forward in the development, virtualization, and Cyber Security capabilities of the D/3 PCM family. The upcoming PCM5™ will deliver even higher levels of agility and performance to the DCS with the longest life cycle support and lowest total cost-of-ownership in the industry: the D/3.

    June 7, 2016

  • D3v15: Futureproof of Automation  

    D/3® Version 15 (D3v15) includes an array of valuable enhancements to the most adaptable and powerful DCS on the market. D3v15 delivers the highest lifetime value by preserving investments in applications, hardware, and I/O while incorporating the latest advancements.

    March 21, 2016

  • ARC View: NovaTech Continues as Trusted Partner  

    In partnership with NovaTech, the ARC Advisory Group recently produced a 5-page ARC VIEW article promoting NovaTech as a long-term, viable, and trusted partner with a strong product offering. 

    February 18, 2016

  • Additional Datasheets, Application Notes, Customer Success Stories and other documents in our documentation library

    D/3® SABL® [#S456]

    A five-day course, using D/3® software, covering the steps involved in developing and using the SABL® package.

    June 20, 2017 – June 24, 2017
    Aiken Training Office

  • D3v15 Webinar

    The latest release of the D/3 Distributed Control System includes new configuration tools that make the system easier for new and existing users. The webinar covers building tags with MDL Builder, writing automation code with D3Edit, web-accessible History and Reports, features to facilitate migration to High-Performance HMI, and OSIsoft PI integration.

    March 24, 2016

  • D/3 Distributed Control System Overview

    This video introduces the D/3, the Distributed Control System trusted by many Fortune 100 companies to keep their global operations’ continuous and batch processes running smoothly and efficiently. Part one reviews the system architecture and configuration tools.

    November 21, 2014

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