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Capture Know-How and Best Practices Into ISA 106-Based Procedural Automation

Extracting senior staff knowledge and industry best practices into a plant’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is a huge commitment of resources – one that is often wasted as binders of SOPs sit idle on plant managers shelves.  Paperless Procedures (PLP) is a patented NovaTech software package that converts static SOP documents into a dynamic checklist interface that can execute SOPs in manual, automated, or hybrid mode on operator consoles or tablets, ensuring correct and accountable execution of even rarely used procedures.  Conversion of SOPs into the Paperless Procedures dynamic checklist interface is available as a service.

ISA-106 Procedural Automation

PLP provides an intuitive graphical tool to create accurate and consistent SOPs using a intuitive flow chart style of creation.  Pre loaded libraries of operations allow the SOP developer to easily create and publish SOPs that interface/interact with the operator and the control system. PLP also provides advice and direction to the operator for control of equipment and processes.  As conditions warrant, training information, procedures, or other information are provided just-in-time to the operator.

Procedures are created visually to ensure consistency of verbiage and execution, and linked directly to D/3 PCMs to allow manual, semi-automatic or fully automated execution. PLP features user credential and privilege authentication, extensive logging and reporting of all executed SOPs for data integrity.  This results in improved documentation, revision control, and reliable, time-stamped execution for all SOPs. Operators, Supervisors and Managers can view the same procedures simultaneously and contribute comments and feedback to improve procedures.

All of which results in safer plant operations, reduced off-spec product, and improved process consistency, EH&S event responses, operator efficiency, and product quality.



  • Introducing FlexBatch 5.0

    FlexBatch integrates recipe management and the automation layer so operators can quickly and easily develop, scale up, modify and schedule batch manufacturing recipes for products ranging from beer to chocolate to specialty chemicals and more. FlexBatch delivers shorter time to first batch, reduced changeover times, increased throughput and production yield. New and existing products are brought to market faster and at lower cost, providing a strategic and financial advantage. Production staff can execute library procedures to overcome process upsets. All of which means a more nimble, responsive, and profitable process.

    July 5, 2017

  • Planning an Effective I/O Upgrade

    Reviewing the benefits, considerations, and steps required to migrate legacy I/O subsystems to NovaTech 8000.

    This webinar focused on NovaTech 16000 and Modicon Quantum, and touch on Siemens 505, Rockwell 1771, and Modicon 200.

    Topics Covered:
    * Hardware installation alternatives
    * Wiring options
    * Software considerations
    * Proven implementation strategie

    April 20, 2017

  • D3v15 Webinar

    The latest release of the D/3 Distributed Control System includes new configuration tools that make the system easier for new and existing users. The webinar covers building tags with MDL Builder, writing automation code with D3Edit, web-accessible History and Reports, features to facilitate migration to High-Performance HMI, and OSIsoft PI integration.

    March 24, 2016

  • D/3 Distributed Control System Overview

    This video introduces the D/3, the Distributed Control System trusted by many Fortune 100 companies to keep their global operations’ continuous and batch processes running smoothly and efficiently. Part one reviews the system architecture and configuration tools.

    November 21, 2014

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