ISA 106 Procedural Automation

Integrate SOPs with Process Control

Train, Share and Execute Procedures with Greater Consistency and Safety

Paperless Procedures (PLP) is our patented integration of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and the automation layer that was developed in alignment with the ISA 106 Procedural Automation standard. SOPs are essential training, crisis recovery, and knowledge-sharing tools, but only when they’re used consistently. By turning SOPs into the operator’s daily window to the process via an intuitive checklist interface, the latest approved procedures are being learned, reinforced, and securely documented with every click. Whether a given procedure is new or the operator is, the training and reinforcement is continuous. PLP responds to real-time data and alarm conditions from within the control system by presenting Alarm Response Procedures to operators, ensuring that the corrective actions are ready at hand. PLP helps to ensure safe and consistent decision-making, provides a fast way to disseminate new procedures, and facilitates documentation and compliance requirements.

Design Procedures in Visio

Using an intuitive object palette built into Microsoft Visio, procedure writers and engineers collaborate to accurately capture best practices and industry knowledge.  Embedded within these palette objects is code that generates the operator’s dynamic checklist interface and automation code for the NovaTech D/3 Distributed Control System.

Create Consistent Procedures

By generating hardcopy and PDF SOPs from the structured environment of Visio, there’s no chance of a missed or forgotten step – everything has to connect. The layout and location of information is kept uniform and standardized across revisions, allowing staff to quickly find what they’re looking for.

Generate Automation Code

PLP generates Sequence and Batch Language (SABL) code for the D/3, allowing automated execution of some or all of a given procedure, with operator or supervisor authentication or approval on specific steps as required.

Execute and Manage Procedures

PLP’s dynamic check list style interface makes the procedure the window to the process. The real-time interaction between the executing SOPs and the control system ensures timely execution and secure capture of procedure steps. Alarm or emergency conditions trigger alarm response procedures, providing critical information when it’s needed most.

 Example Screenshots

Procedure Levels

Procedure Levels

PLP - Procedure Designer

Procedure Designer

Checklist View

Checklist View




Executed Procedure Record in PDF

PLP - Shift Turnover Report

Shift Turnover Report

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