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Power Plant

Shifting demand and instability in global energy markets has persuaded many power generators to search for practical, cost-effective solutions for their power plant operations to meet rising demand and maintain complex plant equipment.

The Solution

From free standing power plants to on-site cogeneration facilities for industrial customers, the NovaTech D/3 DCS is trusted to manage and monitor critical power generation assets across the world. NovaTech power generation solutions help customers implement energy strategies to model output, demands, and rates, and thereby minimize energy costs and maximize natural resource usage. NovaTech D/3 solutions handle the most complex continuous digital and analog PID control algorithms, advanced safety interlock logic, SOP based startup-shutdown routines, boiler and burner management. By focusing on abnormal situation management, human reliability, and constant improvement, NovaTech’s certified engineering staff can design, build, simulate, commission, and help maintain any plant.

Recently called upon by Duke Energy, NovaTech was challenged to deliver a state-of-the-art process control system containing the latest safety and environmental monitoring features for an 800MW coal-fired power plant in Esquintla, Guatemala. Duke Energy required that components of the new plant be designed, in part, on the blueprint of a former plant operated by Duke Energy in the United States. This unique vision for the project required NovaTech engineers to re-imagine the design of the plant in order modernize its safety systems and allow for easy and timely cost-efficient upgrades. Secondly, existing equipment had to be re-purposed for the new plant, requiring new, modern graphics and visualization techniques to be implemented. Lastly, development of an intuitive training system that allows new operators to easily adapt to the new process control system was mandatory to ensure operator efficiency.

Beginning with the development of a simulation system, NovaTech created operations and training procedures on how to navigate the D/3 DCS for use in a coal-fired power plant. With the simulation in place, NovaTech assembled each piece of hardware to be installed in the new plant, and conducted a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) before shipping the new control system to Guatemala.

Once in Guatemala, five redundant process controllers were brought online, and connected to plant equipment. After the process of communicating with and testing networks for all plant subsystems, NovaTech engineers brought the plant online in phases , ensuring the proper functionality of each area of the plant.

Through the duration of the project, NovaTech provided around-the-clock, on-site support until the turbines were started up, and the newly minted power plant became fully operational, with a highly trained operator corps behind the helm.

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  • D/3® Distributed Control System Overview Brochure  

    The D/3® Distributed Control System (DCS) is a leading edge process control system that includes a comprehensive suite of software applications, networks, and computing hardware. D/3 features system-wide redundancy and the ability to upgrade without stopping plant operations.

    October 28, 2016

  • It is fair to say that without a fully functional distributed control system (DCS), a modern plant cannot operate safely and efficiently and in some cases, cannot operate at all. Therefore, it is vital to ensure the integrity of all DCSs and protect them from malicious attacks, accidental corruption, and data breaches that may jeopardize safety or production or may compromise the end user’s competitive advantage in the marketplace.

    This paper describes the philosophy and guidelines for keeping your D/3® DCS secure from cyberattacks.

    August 1, 2016

  • PCM5 — D/3 Process Control Module 5 Series  

    The NovaTech D/3® Process Control Module 5 Series (PCM5) represents a leap forward in the development, virtualization, and Cyber Security capabilities of the D/3 PCM family. The upcoming PCM5™ will deliver even higher levels of agility and performance to the DCS with the longest life cycle support and lowest total cost-of-ownership in the industry: the D/3.

    June 7, 2016

  • D3v15: Futureproof of Automation  

    D/3® Version 15 (D3v15) includes an array of valuable enhancements to the most adaptable and powerful DCS on the market. D3v15 delivers the highest lifetime value by preserving investments in applications, hardware, and I/O while incorporating the latest advancements.

    March 21, 2016

  • ARC View: NovaTech Continues as Trusted Partner  

    In partnership with NovaTech, the ARC Advisory Group recently produced a 5-page ARC VIEW article promoting NovaTech as a long-term, viable, and trusted partner with a strong product offering. 

    February 18, 2016

  • Additional Datasheets, Application Notes, Customer Success Stories and other documents in our documentation library

    D/3® SABL® [#S456]

    A five-day course, using D/3® software, covering the steps involved in developing and using the SABL® package.

    June 20, 2017 – June 24, 2017
    Aiken Training Office

  • D3v15 Webinar

    The latest release of the D/3 Distributed Control System includes new configuration tools that make the system easier for new and existing users. The webinar covers building tags with MDL Builder, writing automation code with D3Edit, web-accessible History and Reports, features to facilitate migration to High-Performance HMI, and OSIsoft PI integration.

    March 24, 2016

  • D/3 Distributed Control System Overview

    This video introduces the D/3, the Distributed Control System trusted by many Fortune 100 companies to keep their global operations’ continuous and batch processes running smoothly and efficiently. Part one reviews the system architecture and configuration tools.

    November 21, 2014

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