Process Controllers

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Built to Last and Built to Change

The NovaTech D/3 Process Control Module 5 Series represents a significant leap forward in the development, maintenance, and Cyber Security capabilities of the D/3. This field-proven hardware was designed and manufactured in house, from the circuit boards to the intuitive touch panel display, to ensure the highest levels of performance and quality. The PCM is built on a Linux OS and uses a C/C++ development environment to more easily incorporate the latest technologies and feature requests for specialized applications. 


Cyber Secure by Default 

The PCM5 features a number of out-of-the-box Cyber Security features including a self-configuring firewall, whitelisting, secure boot and standard IT configuration tools. 


Coexists with Previous PCMs 

PCM5 can share a network and applications with the previous 4000 series PCMs, allowing for phased migrations without process interruption, as well as interfacing with legacy serial IO families. 


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