D/3 DCS System Architecture

Unparalleled Flexibility and Reliability

Open Networks, Off-the-Shelf Servers, and Full Systemwide Redundancy

Do More With Less

A single D/3 system can handle over 50,000 I/O points with each PCM controlling up to twenty unit operations and hundreds of SABL® programs simultaneously.  Thousands of I/O points from multiple vendors can be connected via a single Ethernet I/O module, and entire processes may be simulated within the PCM. These and other features of the D/3 reduce hardware, wiring, licensing, programming, startup, maintenance, and other costs. 


Adapt and Grow

D/3 can scale from 2 to 160 nodes, drive up to 256 operator consoles, and control processes incorporating up to 128 PCMs. A D/3 System can manage hundreds of simultaneous batches and product recipes with no performance degradation. Redundant D/3 systems allows customers to upgrade to newer D/3 versions without stopping plant operations. Users can change control system strategies on-the-fly with intuitive configuration and management tools. NovaTech D/3 systems can connect to a wide variety of legacy and 3rd party I/O families, preserving investments in installed hardware and minimizing hardware costs. 


Rest Assured

Customers have trusted their processes to D/3 for over thirty-five years because of its proven reliability. D/3’s powerful PCM performs critical functions typically relegated to the HMI layer on less robust systems, allowing control functions to continue even if the HMI layer is disabled. 


Mitigate Cyber Threats

The new PCM5 offers controller-level Cyber Security features to meet today’s dynamic digital threat environment, and D/3 allows redundant server and controller installations in different buildings, providing resilience in the event of catastrophic failure or a cyber attack on a given set of physical servers/controllers.  Seamless redundant networks and locked down usage of client/server hardware prevents intentional or inadvertent infection through physical devices such as USB memory sticks or disk drives. Granular privilege sets using Microsoft Windows Authentication allow only assigned operators and workstations to operate designated equipment, and IT staff can easily authorize or de-authorize an engineer or operator from the entire D/3 system. 


Integrate Islands of Automation

Connect legacy equipment and ancillary systems such as electrical substations, wastewater plants, scales, chart recorders and load-out facilities into the D/3 using the OrionLX Automation Platform.  Hundreds of protocols supported and custom protocols available.