Craft Brewery Automation

Craft Automation

Scale with Quality, Consistency, and Zero Compromises

Whether you’re trying to nail down the exact IBUs in your latest seasonal release, expanding your brewhouse to meet demand, or operating large-scale brewing processes to serve customers across the world, the NovaTech D/3 Distributed Control System (DCS) is the most flexible solution for achieving each milestone in the life of your brewery.  Bitronics 70 Series Automation and Control IEDs are also used by New Belgium Brewing to collect power production and consumption data from throughout their plant as part of their sustainability program.

The Solution

Maintaining product quality and production agility while increasing throughput can be both a challenge and a source of strategic advantage. The D/3 DCS powers the processes and fuels the growth of many of the largest and most efficient breweries in the US, yet remains flexible enough to adapt to your uncompromising vision.

Experience & Accountability

NovaTech engineers have over a century of combined brewing experience ranging from enthusiastic home brewers to the former head of automation for MillerCoors. We make and stand by all our automation products and engineered solutions–no finger pointing if you’re not completely satisfied. So whether you want to get hands-on with automation code or need full-time engineering assistance, we’ve got you covered.

DCS Functionality at a PLC Price

The increased functionality and profitability of a DCS has historically had a higher initial cost than PLC/HMI-based solutions. With modern networks, pre-configured applications, and “no-hassle” software licensing, however, D/3 provides cost-competitive automation with several advantages over PLCs:

  • Integrated recipe and batch management, product tracking & reporting
  • More powerful process controllers for greater reliability and efficiency
  • Advanced system and asset analytics
  • The ability to make changes on the fly

Reduced Energy Costs & Environmental Impact


New Belgium Brewing Head Electrician Dave Benavidez shows off the Bitronics M571s monitoring the facility’s 200kW solar array

The rewards of improved energy and utilities management are more than financial. From Energy Audits and KPI Development to cogeneration control, renewables integration and Advanced Process Control, NovaTech products are widely used in electric utilities including the majority of US wind farms. If sustainability is a core value of your organization, we put world-class tools at your disposal.

Brewery Automation Components

  • High-Performance TotalVision graphics for brewhouse, fermentation, cold storage, utilities, cleaning, and other plant components keep operators informed, not overwhelmed.
  • ProcessVision system, equipment and batch analysis optimizes performance under all operating conditions.
  • Brewmasters create and modify recipes visually in FlexBatch that Operators can schedule, run, and monitor–all with no programming.
  • Compare, diagnose and optimize brewery asset performance with Process Analytics.

Out-of-the-Box Applications

Brewhouse, Fermentation, Cold Storage, Blending/Finishing, Packaging, Yeast Management, C02 Management, Ingredient Addition, Utilities Management, CIP/SIP

Related Solutions

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  • New Belgium Strives for Sustainability w/ Bitronics

    New Belgium Brewing in Ft Collins Colorado strives to reduce their environmental footprint in a number of ways, including using Bitronics Automation and Control Power Measurement units from NovaTech to monitor and benchmark energy consumption and production points within their facility.

    March 27, 2013

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