Asset Management

Proactive Asset Management

Leverage HART Data with FieldCare

With the increasing proliferation of smart field devices, asset management becomes more and more integral to efficient plant design and implementation.  NovaTech’s 8000 Series Ethernet I/O facilitates HART protocol communications directly from smart field devices to the DCS, allowing plant personnel to easily access and visualize information related to every smart device in the plant.  Integrated HART alarming allows the D/3 DCS to detect and alarm on device specific HART alarm words, this feature provides very effective preventative maintenance for smart field devices and allows technical staff to correct field device issues before plant operations are affected.

FieldCare Software

With our integrated Endress&Hauser FieldCare asset management solution, users can easily parameterize, calibrate, document, monitor, debug, and archive settings associated with field devices connected to the D/3.  Since technicians can perform these functions from the their office or any control room, these solutions reduce the need to work in hazardous areas and therefore improve plant safety significantly.  Our staff stands ready to help your team implement these asset management solutions to help speed plant startups, improve mean time to repair, and maximize the performance and operation of field level devices in your enterprise.

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