Advanced Process Control

Move Closer to Optimal Plant Constraints with Predictive Modeling

Reduce Variability, Energy Costs, and Asset Wear

Advanced Process Control (APC) fine tunes the controls and demand profiles of boilers, chillers, and other process components. APC is powered by the industry-leading AspenTech® DMCplus. This multivariable model-predictive controller interfaces directly to processes via the DCS or indirectly through process information management systems, and is capable of safely pushing processes to multiple constraints simultaneously. This control system is proven to solve large-scope problems without compromising the control system service factor.

Modeling Process

  1. Each manipulated variable is moved through a series of setpoints.
  2. The e­ffects of those changes on the dependant variables is recorded.
  3. A dynamic matrix model is created that can predict plant behavior based on the interactions of all manipulated and dependant variables. Control actions become anticipatory rather than reactive, and plant operations are optimized while maintaining plant safety and compensating for process disturbances.


Using a combination of Model Predictive Control and Statistical Process Control, APC reduces variability of key variables by 50% or more, increases yield of more valuable products, and maximizes throughput and profit by moving the process to an optimal set of plant constraints. APC is like having your best, most experienced operator on duty 24 hours a day.

  • Energy and Utilities Management Datasheet  

    Energy and Utilities costs have become the largest controllable cost in many process facilities. A shared, real-time, and accurate picture of all energy options and equipment efficiencies can turn this growing challenge into a source of competitive advantage. NovaTech Energy Management solutions include survey and analysis services, KPI dashboard development, and complete power system SCADA solutions that allow a process enterprise to make more informed decisions for reducing energy costs and environmental impact. Energy Management solutions provide the greatest value for process components with high or variable energy demands such as boilers, chillers, distillation, and central power production.

    October 5, 2016

  • Additional Datasheets, Application Notes, Customer Success Stories and other documents in our documentation library

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