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Solving Complex Process Control Challenges for Over Thirty Five Years

The D/3 Distributed Control System (DCS) debuted as the first hybrid batch and continuous control architecture over thirty-five years ago. Since then, NovaTech Process Solutions has helped may of the world’s most successful process manufacturers to reduce risks, improve plant performance, and grow profits.   

Unique among process automation providers, NovaTech is a private, veteran family owned and operated business that designs and builds the majority of our hardware and software in the USA. We are a focused, pure-play automation company that works directly with customers throughout the entire plant lifecycle to ensure successful outcomes. 


Futureproof Process Control 


NovaTech Process Solutions delivers the highest lifetime value through a continuous migration path, open automation philosophy, and maximum use of existing assets. The D/3 DCS allows customers to avoid the high CapEx and risks of periodic system upgrades by providing the industry’s longest continuous upgrade path.  Today’s D/3 system is fully compatible with the initial version released in 1982, and allows customers to preserve current investments in applications, hardware and I/O while adding the latest innovations. 


Empowering Operators 


NovaTech improves plant safety and meets the challenges of an aging workforce with our patented Augmented Manual Procedures (AMP) software. AMP leverages Industry 4.0 technologies to integrate manual and automated tasks, improve knowledge transfer, and ensure that every operator and plant manager is equipped with the right information at the right time. In addition, a growing list of university partnerships nurtures an ongoing source of next-generation talent.   


A Trusted Engineering Partner


We work closely with customers to develop, deploy, maintain and upgrade our solutions, and we are directly accountable for every system’s performance and customer’s satisfaction.  Programming standards, stringent internal engineering certifications, and culture of high ethics and personal responsibility are central to our track record of thousands of successful projects.

  • Strong Response to AMP at ARC and OpEx Events

    NovaTech sponsored the 23rd ARC Forum and sponsored the OpEx in Energy, Chemicals, and Resources Summit.
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  • What’s New in the Customer Community

    NovaTech sponsored the 23rd ARC Forum and OpEx in Energy, Chemicals, & Resources Summit.

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  • Latest release includes enhanced plant connectivity and simpler procedure configuration

    Version 2 enhancements include: Automatic execution of steps, enhanced plant connectivity, and easier procedure configuration

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