D3v16: Next Generation Performance for the Long Haul
Augmented Manual Procedures
High Performance and Mobile Visualization
Operational Excellence
Control Loop Optimization
S88 Batch and Recipe Management

Experts in Batch, Continuous, and Procedural Automation

The D/3 DCS revolutionized process manufacturing with the first hybrid batch and continuous control architecture over thirty years ago. Since then, NovaTech Process Solutions has helped many of the world’s most admired process manufacturers to continuously improve plant performance, safety, and profit while preserving their investment in existing applications and hardware.


Futureproof Automation

Any process automation technology improves efficiency in the near term, but the value of “plug and play” automation solutions can diminish over time as unexpected demands and system changes occur.  The D/3’s fully integrated and open control architecture, Sequence and Batch Language (SABL), and standardized approach to programming provides the agility make changes in a proactive way and maximize the lifetime value of a process facility.

  • Continuous Migration Path The D/3 is the only process control platform that has never forced a migration on its end users, and continuously preserves existing investments in applications development while incorporating the latest innovations.
  • Bulletproof Reliability The D/3 provides 99.999+% uptime, speeds changeovers, allows online upgrades without production downtime, and provides full systemwide redundancy.
  • Hassle-Free Licensing Users can purchase only the points and consoles they need when adding tags or during plant expansions.
  • Agile Production Recipe-centric SA-88-based automation allows non-engineers to easily schedule and execute batches, allocate equipment, change between products, and bring new products to market while the system ensures product consistency and quality.

Operational Excellence

Stay at the forefront of today’s ultra-competitive process manufacturing industries by ensuring that every operator and plant manager is equipped with the correct information at the right time.

  • Safe Operations Under All Conditions Robust process design, High Performance HMIs, smart Alarm Management and Procedural Automation (including Emergency Response Procedures) mitigate abnormal system conditions and improve plant safety.  Fully automated safe shutdown can be initiated with one click… and the entire system can be restarted just as easily.
  • Better Decisions Role-based visualization and heavy use of native language informational messaging improves the operator’s ability to diagnose and correct system anomalies. Plant performance is easily tracked and summarized via analytical web and mobile applications so that supervisors can meet targets, manage to business objectives, and increase shareholder value.
  • More Productive Operations Move campaigns, batches, and products through the plant automatically and with minimal variation between shifts. Each operator can manage a broader area of the plant, and knowledge loss is reduced when operators change or retire.
  • Faster Startup and Recovery The entire system is programmed, simulated and tested prior to startup, so plants are up and running, producing quality product, in no time. No need to manually start, stop, interlock, allocate, and monitor plant equipment when procedures are automated.  Extensive diagnostic, analytic, and asset management utilities shorten repair time.

A Trusted Engineering Partner

We work closely with customers to develop, deploy, maintain and upgrade our solutions, and we are directly accountable for every system’s performance and customer’s satisfaction.  Programming standards, stringent internal engineering certifications, and culture of high ethics and personal responsibility are central to our track record of thousands of successful projects.

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