Bitronics SCADA Meters

SCADA Metering Simplified

50 and 60 Series SCADA Meters

With simplified wiring, universal power supplies, wide operating temperature range (-40° to 70°C), bright 3-line/5-digit displays, flexible connections (Ethernet, RS-232, and RS-485), capacitive-touch buttons and web-based configuration, all Bitronics 50 and 60 Series SCADA Meters are designed to simplify ordering, configuration, installation and spares.  All models are encased in a rugged, hand-crafted aluminum chassis and fit a standard 4″ round cutout for installation.

The M350 models measure and display Amps with Demand or Voltage with Min/Max, the M650 and M660 provide a wider range of three-phase measurements and communication options (including IEC 61850), and the M653 offers a triple display.  50 and 60 Series SCADA Meters can serve as the digital front end to SCADA Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), provide line monitoring and local indication in substation and industrial plant equipment monitoring applications.

Features by Model

Click on a Model Number to view complete information.

X = standard, O = optional

Feature M350 M650 M660 M653 M663
Volts w Min/Max O X X X X
Amps w Demand O X X X X
Power, Energy, Transformer/Line Loss, THD, K-Factor X X X X
3 Line 5 Digit Displays 1 1 1 3 3
Capacitive Touch Front Controls X X X X X
DNP/Modbus over Serial O O O O O
DNP/Modbus over Ethernet O O X O O
IEC 61850 O O
EtherNet/IP O O
RJ45 Ethernet X X X X X
Fiber Ethernet O O O O O
RS-232/485 O O O O O
Split-Core External CTs O O O O O
Transducer Output O O O
48-250V dc/55-240V ac Power Supply X X X X X
Power Supply Monitoring O X O X
0.2% Revenue Accuracy X X X X
KYZ Pulse Outputs O O
Trend Recording O O
100ms RMS Updates X X X X X
.001Hz Accuracy X X X X X
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