Bitronics SCADA and Automation Transducers

SCADA and Synchronization Simplified

50 and 60 Series SCADA Transducers and the PowerPlex II

Bitronics SCADA and Automation Transducers provide reliable performance in SCADA, standby generation and other hi-speed synchronization applications. The M651 and M661 allow primary and advanced settings configuration using a standard web browser through the Ethernet service port. Pre-set register/point sets coupled with the universal power supply and universal wiring make it easy to go from the box to up and running in no time. Optional external split core CTs streamline upgrade and retrofit applications as the CT circuit does not need to be interrupted.

The PowerPlex II is an automation transducer with two sets of three-phase voltages and 1-cycle measurement update speeds suitable for generator and tie synchronization applications.


Features by Model


Click on a Model Number to view complete information.

X = standard, O = optional

Feature M651 M661 PowerPlex II
Volts w Min/Max X X X
Amps w Demand X X X
Power, Energy, Transformer/Line Loss, THD, K-Factor X X X
Synchronizing Measurements (Slip Frequency, Phase Angles) X
Two Sets of 3 Phase Voltage Inputs X
Split-Core External CTs O O
DNP/Modbus over TCP/IP O X X
DNP/Modbus over Serial O O O
IEC 61850 O O
EtherNet/IP O O
RJ45 Ethernet X X Dual (Switch)
Fiber Ethernet O O
RS 232/485 O O O
Transducer Output O
0.2% Revenue Accuracy X X X
KYZ Pulse Outputs O O
Trend Recording O O
One Cycle RMS Updates X X
600V ac Input X
8-40V dc Power Supply X
48-250V dc/69-240V ac Power Supply X X X
Power Supply Monitoring O O X
Display O
Digital I/O O



PowerPlex II Tethered Display

The PowerPlex II Tethered Display (PPXIITD) connects to the PowerPlex II Ethernet Transducer to provide a local display of measured values. The PowerPlex II provides power to the PPXIITD and setup is done via the web server in the PowerPlex II. A maximum of 10 user-configurable measurement screens can be displayed. The instrument can be set to display a single screen continually or automatically scroll through all available screens. Additionally, the user may manually step through all available screens. Three individual PPXIITD may be mounted horizontally on a 19” panel, if desired.


  • Rugged aluminum 4” (101,6 mm) round case
  • Bright, high-efficiency, high reliability LED’s
  • Three lines displayed simultaneously
  • High resolution: Five significant digits per line
  • Pre-set engineering units or customized text automatically displayed
  • Easy setup and scrolling from front display with “Touch-Sense” buttons
  • Buttons allow for scrolling to desired parameter, or can be set for continuous looping of parameters
  • RJ-11 port connects to PowerPlex II via supplied cable
  • Low profile case, only 1.38” (34.9mm) behind panel
  • Built-in web browser in PowerPlex II allows for setup of PPXIITD
  • Powered from PowerPlex II, so no additional wiring needed


The Bitronics PPXIITD fits in a standard 4” (101,6 mm) round opening with a 1.38” (34.9 mm) deep aluminum can.

Other design features include:

  • -40°C to +70°C operating temperature


The Bitronics PPXIITD can be easily configured through the web server in the PowerPlex II Ethernet Transducer.

This provides:

  • Selection of parameters to be displayed
  • Selection of decimal place
  • Ability to add special characters
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