Legacy Switchboard & Panel Adapters

Out With The Old, In With The New

In Just a Few Minutes

Retrofit Panel Adapters from SUSI allow easy retrofit installation of a Bitronics M650 meter into virtually any legacy switchboard panel. The installation can be done in minutes without de-energizing the circuit or re-wiring anything, providing the benefits of a modern metering solution while lowering labor, wiring and inventory costs.  Many models of GE, Westinghouse, and other vendors available. Download the SUSI iPhone App to take photos of legacy equipment and speed the quote process.


GE Models
SUSI Adapter # GE Models
SWDGS GE DS-63/65/66, DSM-63/65/66, DSW-63/65/66, GE KV series, GE ES series, GE EV, GE EPM 5100, Sangamo
SWDGSR GE DS-63/65/66, DSM-63/65/66, DSW-63/65/66, GE KV series, GE ES series, GE EV with electronic register (R)
SWDG53 GE DS-53/55, DSM-53/55, DSW-53/55
SWDGL GE DS-64, DSM-64, DSW-64, GE DS-67, DS-69, Sangamo Large case
SWDGLR GE DS-64, DSM-64, DSW-64 with electronic register (R)



Westinghouse Models
SUSI Adapter #  Westinghouse Models
SWDWS Westinghouse/ABB (CB-2F/8F, D2B-2F/8F, D4B-2F/8F, D5B-2F/8F, D4B-3F, D5B-3F, CB-7F, D2B-7F, D4B-7F, D5B-7F), Alpha, L&G 2510, PSI
SWDWL Westinghouse/ABB (CB-2F/8F, D2B-2F/8F, D4B-2F/8F, D5B-2F/8F, CB-3F, D2B-3F, D4B-3F, D5B-3F, CB-7F, D2B-7F, D4B-7F, D5B-7F), Alpha, L&G 2510, PSI
SWDWM Westinghouse/ABB (CB-2F/8F, D2B-2F/8F, D4B-2F/8F, D5B-2F/8F, CB-3F, D2B-3F, D4B-3F, D5B-3F, CB-7F, D2B-7F, D4B-7F, D5B-7F), Alpha, L&G 2510, PSI
SUSI Adapter #  Other
SWDJL Schlumberger (Q1000, Quantum, Fulcrum, SQ400), JEM2, Transdata


Note: For GE DS meters “M” means Demand meter and “W” means KYZ output.  At the end of the part number add 5, 6 or 9 (For 2, 2.5 and 3 elements)
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