February 17, 2005

New Business Wins

NovaTech recently secured the following new projects:
Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) ADM recently awarded NovaTech a global support contract under its Facets service program to provide support coverage for 29 D/3® Systems located throughout the U.S and Europe. The Facets program offers a comprehensive array of support services tailored to address a variety of automation support requirements. The ADM agreement included features such as Customer Central Call Center support, guaranteed response time coverage, educational services, flexible system support, software upgrades and maintenance releases. NovaTech representatives worked closely with ADM to customize a global agreement that would fully address ADMs unique requirements for the coming year. ADMs ongoing commitment to the Facets program was based in part on NovaTechs pledge to incorporate online upgrade capability in the D/3 product. This important new feature released in D/3 version 12.1 will allow ADM to install and capture product enhancements, without shutting down an operating facility. This greatly increases the value of ADMs ongoing investment in the Facets program.
Alliant Energy Madison, Wisconsin Alliant Energy, a purchaser of NovaTech Orion5 and Orion5r automation products, selected NovaTech to supply small RTU equipment for the remote monitoring of 110 radio antenna sites. NovaTech will supply single board RTUs with 16 inputs and 4 outputs for monitoring several alarms associated with the antenna sites, and communicate the information back to Alliant central locations via DNP3 serial communications. The RTUs utilize RS-232 communications media for the Alliant application, but offer swappable options for either RS-485 or fiber optic communications in lieu of the RS-232 and, eventually, DNP TCP/IP via an on-board 100BaseTX Ethernet port. Other future enhancements to the product planned include availability of other I/O mixes and sequence of events capability.
Riverside Public Utilities Riverside, California Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) and KEMA Consulting recently selected NovaTech to provide substation automation systems for four of RPUs substations plus a simulator and training system. The systems being provided include multiple NovaTech Orion5r automation units for interface to numerous IEDs and RPU’s current and future SCADA Master system via DNP3 serial and TCP/IP communications, PLC I/O, integrated sequence of events capability, and options for future in-substation HMI capability. NovaTech is providing full design, configuration, assembly, testing, commissioning, and training services on these substation automation systems.
RJ Reynolds Tobacco (RJR) Winston-Salem, NC NovaTech Process Solutions, LLC was awarded a contract for an Air Washer Controls upgrade. This project is to upgrade to Version 12.0 and will expand the existing D/3® in the Powerhouse and use the D/3 OPC Connect system to interface multiple Allen Bradley PLCs on a dedicated Ethernet Network. The PLCs will have local display panels with the ability to perform D/3 Operator Console Displays providing the local Operator Interface for all the Air Washers.