January 10, 2020

New AMP Video

AMP is our patented procedural automation software that integrates manual tasks with plant control and information systems.


AMP V2.1 was released on August 2, 2019. Features include:

  • Inline media and trends in procedures for an intuitive and cleaner operator interface
  • An improved scripting engine with debugging to make procedure configuration easier
  • Support for the Realwear platform, an industrial hands-free Android device that enables workers to maintain full situational awareness and maximize productivity

We are currently working on AMP V2.2, which will have a January 2020 release date. V2.2 will support additional historians (e.g., Aspen InfoPlus.21, GE Historian) using OPC HDA, and allow the use of historian tags as a data source within the digital procedure. OPC HDA will also help lower the barrier of entry for deployment by using existing secure plant infrastructure.