March 27, 2018

NovaTech Exhibiting and Presenting at the eChemExpo – Booth #312

Join NovaTech as we participate in the 2018 eChemExpo, April 5, 2018 in Booth #312 within the Automation and Asset Management Section.

When: April 5, 2018

Where: Meadowview Convention Center in Kingsport, TN

NovaTech will demonstrate Augmented Manual Procedures™ (AMP), a platform-independent procedural automation solution that improves safety and operational performance. In addition, they will have on hand their next-generation process controller, PCM5, which represents a leap forward in the development, virtualization, and Cyber Security capabilities of the D/3.

PRESENTATION: Chris Kourliouros, Director of Process Product Marketing, will present “New Paradigms in Mitigating Unplanned Events Caused by Human Error” during Track 3, 12:05 p.m. This presentation will explore advances in platform-neutral computer technology, including breakthroughs such as augmented reality, which could provide cost-effective alternatives to the traditional hardwired approach of deterministic automation solutions to reduce human factor errors.

eChemExpo’s 2018 theme and focus areas are based on over 70 in-depth stakeholder interviews to determine real purchasing needs for the 2018-2019 timeframe, the meeting theme is Safely Accelerate Innovation, Improve Agility and Increase Productivity for Sustainable Business Growth. The six focus areas where exhibitors are challenged to demonstrate breakthrough or significant developments are:

  • Safety & environment
  • Capital effectiveness
  • Rapid execution – NEW
  • Mobility & cybersecurity – NEW
  • Capability enhancement
  • Sustainability