Build Smarter Infrastructure

At NovaTech, we believe in making things easier for the electric utility and process manufacturing professionals who are making more efficient use of the world’s energy and material resources. Through our products and engineering expertise, we strive to simplify tasks, extend capabilities and reduce risk with measurement, communication and automation technologies – the nervous system of modern infrastructure- and thereby act as a catalyst for more reliable, efficient, secure and sustainable power and process infrastructure around the world.

NovaTech OrionLX and Bitronics products make an increasingly diverse and dynamic power grid easier to manage.  The D/3 DCS enables the safe and profitable production of the agricultural products, chemicals, medicines, plastics, biofuels, beer and other essentials on which we all depend. The solutions we design and manufacture must perform reliably in the harshest electrical and industrial conditions, simplify complexity and provide strategic advantage. They must incorporate the latest operational best practices, technical innovations, and global standards while preserving existing investments.

Providing for the world’s energy and material needs in a secure and sustainable way will be the defining challenge of this century. Playing a role in meeting these needs is both a challenge and a privilege.

– Core Values and Supporting Principles –



Character Counts
Trust and loyalty are earned slowly and can vanish in an instant, so under-promise and over-deliver. Ethical choices are the best pillow to sleep on at night, so work hard and be nice to people.

Respect Others, Respect Yourself
Deliver to customers what was promised. Treat coworkers with fairness and respect. Deal with corporate partners transparently and on merit. Respect others’ time and perspective. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

Global Presence, Local Touch
A culture of courtesy, technical skill, and service excellence permeates NovaTech’s global offices and partnerships. We are NovaTech. How can we help?


Always Learning
Products, processes, and standards for performance can always improve, so challenge assumptions (especially your own). Growth requires measured risk, and even bad outcomes are opportunities for greater understanding.

Solve Problems, Don’t Sell Products
Our products and services are just a means of solving our customers’ problems. Mitigate the inevitable obsolescence of any given technology and protect a customers’ investment with a continuous migration path, the ability to customize, and adherence to global and open standards.  It’s not about the things we make, but about the people who use them.

Manage for Self-Management
The more independent, capable and accountable we each become, the more agile and successful our company and customers will be. Understand the difference between a goal and a task, between a standard practice and a best practice, and between efficiency and effectiveness. Challenge assumptions (especially your own) and plan a path to greater autonomy, mastery, and purpose in your work. Leaders are those who enable this growth in others.


Innovation is Serious Fun
Developing industry-leading solutions requires risk, collaboration, and play.  Challenging convention in the pursuit of a better solution requires a balance of airtight reasoning and intuitive inspiration, of intense open exchange and solitary insight.  Ask “What If?” at least as often as “What’s Next?”.  Work shouldn’t feel like a job all the time.

Play to Win, Not To Avoid Losing
Maintain a Kaizen approach of continuous improvement to existing products while making smart investments in potential breakthroughs. Be on the lookout for new opportunities, know the risks, and when the timing is right, swing for the fences.

Reducing complexity while expanding capability is an art, a science, and essential.


Customer Support is Everyone’s Job
Teamwork is more important than titles, and every product and project is an audition for the next one.  Let’s be the kind of company our customers would recommend to their friends.

Invest in Tomorrow’s Talent
Smarter Infrastructure is a multi-generational challenge requiring investment in tomorrow’s power and process problem solvers.  We develop engineering talent through internal skills development, engineering university collaborations, and ongoing philanthropic support of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) educational initiatives.

Save the Planet
Seriously.  Our customers keep the lights on and the food, medicines, plastics, fuels, beer, chocolate and other daily necessities flowing around the world.  Power and Process Automation is a cost-effective catalyst for a more sustainable social infrastructure. Never lose sight of that.