A Responsive and Dependable Technology Partner

NovaTech has been making power grids and process facilities around the world more reliable, efficient, sustainable and secure for over three decades.


Looking back over that time, it’s amazing how much the technology in the industries NovaTech serves – electric utilities and process manufacturing – has changed.  From hand-jeweled analog galvanometers to ruggedized microprocessor-based event recorders.  From dial-up modems and proprietary protocols to web-enabled, cyber secure substation automation platforms.  From tape drives and punch cards to ubiquitous connectivity and computation – and the pace of change is only accelerating.

What’s more satisfying, though, is to note what hasn’t changed at NovaTech: the creativity to adapt to new trends, an ability to make technology serve the customer’s strategy and not the other way around, and a culture of people who believe in personal accountability with a global perspective.  Ours is a fortunate culture of high standards, lifelong professional friendships and fresh ideas.

As a medium sized, privately held firm, we can achieve a level of customer focus and accountability that’s difficult – if not impossible – for our typically much larger competitors to achieve. We partner with industry-leading solution providers and harness the latest technical and operational advances while getting the most out of existing automation infrastructure investments.  This agility and focus provides sustainable strategic value to the utilities and process manufactures that provide the energy, food, medicines, fuels, and other essentials the world depends on.

Looking forward at the coming decades, the potential positive impact of automation technologies on global energy and material needs is astounding. Helping to engineer a smarter and more sustainable world is both a challenge and a privilege. Let’s build something great.


– Volker Oakey, CEO and Chairman