Giving Back

NovaTech supports the health and well-being of communities in the U.S. and abroad through a range of community initiatives, charitable giving, and volunteerism.


Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake

Click here to read about the not-so-perfect, but actually perfect, day that a group from the Owings Mills Office had volunteering for the Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake. The group is eager to schedule more of these volunteer days.

What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?

Last year, middle school students in 16 public school districts in Pennsylvania were asked, “What’s so cool about manufacturing?” Each team was challenged with producing a short video showcasing the unique aspects of manufacturing careers and what makes them so cool. The Northampton School District  team selected Bitronics (Bethlehem, PA) and created an award winning video. As a result of the video, Bitronics has been asked to adopt a school, giving us a structured framework for engaging with the local school system.

Delivering Energy and Brightening Smiles

Continuing our commitment to global service with a local touch, NovaTech partnered with area groups to provide complimentary dental services to residents of the greater Esquintla area. Over 400 people received care from a dentist, while another 200 were treated by a team of physicians who volunteered their time. Faced with blistering heat, a threatening hurricane, and a looming volcano eruption, the locals never wavered in their gracious hospitality and warm acceptance of NovaTech personnel through the duration of the project. Ultimately the project yielded employment for dozens of people and provided energy for over 150,000 homes in the area of Esquintla, Guatemala.

Donations, Donations, Donations

Santa Claus isn’t the only one delivering gifts to the children.  Each year the Owings Mills Office collects toys, gift cards, clothing, etc. for children that live in a residential treatment facility that are in great need for items throughout the year.  In addition to the Children’s Home, NovaTech Owings Mills donated gently used coats to the Purple Heart Foundation and food to the local Food Pantry. And in Bethlehem, PA the employees donate to the local fire department throughout the year and to an under privileged children program during the holidays.

Natural Disaster Relief

Hurricane Katrina caused widespread devastation throughout the central Gulf Coast states in 2005 – affecting many NovaTech employees and office locations.  One of NovaTech’s employees is an active member of Maryland’s 175th MDANG Wing, a group of 30 airmen, which was deployed to Gulf Port, Mississippi to distribute food, water, and ice after the hurricane. Through the delivery coordination efforts of Compassion Alliance the group was able to empty and distribute approximately five tractor trailers worth of supplies an hour. Working long, hot hours, the pit crews also serviced one vehicle every 30 seconds and each of the five crews consisted of someone talking to the driver, water loader, food loader, ice loader, and one on cool down break. NovaTech is proud to support our troops.