Error-Proof Your Manual Tasks

Augmented Manual Procedures (AMP) is a procedural automation solution that reduces the risk of costly mistakes—making your operations safer and more profitable.

  • In our connected world, accidents shouldn’t be so common.

    In our connected world, accidents shouldn’t be so common.

    Procedural error during manual tasks can cost millions of dollars, take lives and pollute the environment. But not every procedure can be run by the touch of a button. Complex operations still need people at the helm—and even the best people can make mistakes. AMP helps bring that risk to a minimum by delivering the right procedure at the right time, every time, to your connected workforce.

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  • SOPs for Industry 4.0

    SOPs for Industry 4.0

    AMP streamlines and digitizes your standard operating procedures (SOPs), integrates them with any process automation system, and connects them directly into your operators' workflows via mobile clients and AR headsets. With one easy-to-use platform, your team can operate more safely, consistently, and with less downtime.

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  • Create Procedures Graphically

    Create Procedures Graphically

    Procedure writers, engineers, and NovaTech experts collaborate and capture best practices into consistently structured standard operating procedures (SOPs) using familiar Microsoft® Visio® tools.

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  • Manage and execute integrated procedures

    Manage and execute integrated procedures

    The system delivers SOPs to the operator through an intuitive checklist interface (and AR eyepiece) that merges manual and automated tasks.

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  • Drive consistency enterprise-wide

    Drive consistency enterprise-wide

    Managers can easily schedule, approve and monitor procedures, while data including timestamps, operator comments, and control system results are continuously captured. Since AMP is totally scalable and built on a platform-independent OPC (both server and client) architecture, it can be deployed in any control system environment, allowing for a common knowledge base across the entire enterprise.

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  • Bridge the Gap Between Manual and Automated Tasks

    Bridge the Gap Between Manual and Automated Tasks

    AMP provides a cost-effective way to integrate manual and automated tasks into your continuous improvement programs. Reach out to our skilled team of engineers to learn more and start a trial deployment.

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  • Backed by 30 years of procedural automation expertise.

    Backed by 30 years of procedural automation expertise.

    We’ve been improving the safety and efficiency of batch and continuous processes for decades. AMP is the platform-independent version of our patented software product, which has seen over ten years of service in high-risk government applications. We've been there, done that.

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