NovaTech AMP™ software combines digital procedures, mobile applications, analytics, and automation into an IIoT-enabled, connected worker platform that helps manufacturers mitigate the risks and consequences of incidents caused by human error. Drawing from our decades of process control expertise, AMP bridges the gap between plant personnel, control systems, and standard operating procedures, ensuring the accurate execution and validation of manual tasks.

  • Design Procedures Visually

    Design Procedures Visually

    AMP uses an intuitive object palette built into Microsoft® Visio® that allows procedure writers and engineers to collaborate and capture best practices and industry knowledge into consistently structured SOPs.

  • Manage and Execute Procedures

    Manage and Execute Procedures

    The AMP Procedure Overview Display delivers SOPs to the operator through an intuitive checklist interface that allows for easy scheduling and running of approved procedures.

  • Ensure Accountability

    Ensure Accountability

    Executed procedure records, including timestamps, operator comments, and control system results are generated as secure PDFs.

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  • Read the Overview

    Read the Overview

    Learn how AMP works and see what benefits it can deliver for your operation.

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  • Safer and More Efficient Operations

    Safer and More Efficient Operations

    AMP reduces human error by integrating SOPs into the operator’s daily workflow. Updates to procedures are reflected instantly in the Procedure Overview Display. Repeatable and reliable execution of the latest SOP drives efficiency and safety under all operating conditions.

  • Consistent Operations Across Multiple Control Systems

    Consistent Operations Across Multiple Control Systems

    AMP is built on a platform-independent OPC (both server and client) architecture, allowing it to be deployed in any control system environment. This creates a uniform operator experience and procedural consistency in all of your facilities. Manual steps (covered by an SOP) are executed in harmony with the automated control strategy.

  • White Paper on SOPs : The Case for Change

    White Paper on SOPs : The Case for Change

    Human error is the primary cause in 42% of abnormal events. Read the ARC paper on the potential impact of procedural automation on operational excellence and plant safety.