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NovaTech is a U.S.-based supplier of automation and engineering solutions for the electric utility and process manufacturing industries. Our products and services are used by hundreds of utilities and numerous Fortune 100 process manufacturers worldwide to simplify complex technical challenges, reduce operational risk, and deliver the highest long term value.

Our three core product families – the Orion Substation Automation Platform, D/3 Distributed Control System, and Bitronics Meters and Event Recorders – combine reliable hardware, open standards and intuitive deployment tools. Our experienced applications and field engineering teams deliver a wide range of services that make our customers’ facilities more reliable, efficient, secure and profitable.



  • Orions in a “Cool” Substation in Seattle

    Electrical substations are not normally described as “Cool,” but that’s what Seattle City Light has called their recently energized “Denny” substation.

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  • Two New Energy Applications Supported by Bitronics 60 Series Meters

    Bitronics meters support revenue class accuracy, cover three input ranges, and include line and transformer loss compensation. Two new features – the KYZ pulse output and Class 20 Accuracy – expand Bitronics application as a backup to revenue meters, notably at tie points on the grid.

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  • Custom “Flex Scaling” Available on the Bitronics D650 Master Display

    New Custom Flex Scaling enables data to be displayed without any scaling or special points mapping in the IED.

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