SCADA Systems

The NovaTech Systems Engineering group provides engineered, documented and tested SCADA systems for small to midsized electric utilities.

All SCADA systems provided by NovaTech are designed to operate with standard PCs and servers and all are based upon open standards, including DNP3 serial and TCP. By eliminating proprietary designs and architectures, users are assured of longer system support, from both NovaTech and third-party support organizations.

Secure Browser-Only SCADA Systems

For users with basic requirements for system visualization, alarm management, remote breaker control and limited data archival and trending, NovaTech can provide a complete SCADA system requiring only browser access from user PCs. In these systems, a local or remote Orion Automation Platform serves out standard and customized web pages. This browser-only design eliminates software maintenance and load issues on user PCs. NovaTech engineers can also design and commission a secure communication link between the Orion-based WEBserver HMI and user PCs, including VPN and firewalls.

Support for Legacy NovaView Plus Systems

NovaTech can provide extensions and modifications to legacy NovaView Plus systems, including adding new RTUs, new users, new pages and new IEDs. Current and earlier software versions of NovaView Plus are maintained at our Lenexa engineering center.