SCADA Systems

The NovaTech Systems Engineering group provides engineered, documented and tested SCADA systems for small to midsized electric utilities.

All SCADA systems provided by NovaTech are designed to operate with standard PCs and servers and all are based upon open standards, including DNP3 serial and TCP. By eliminating proprietary designs and architectures, users are assured of longer system support, from both NovaTech and third-party support organizations.

iPower SCADA for Orion

The iPower Electric Utility SCADA package for Orion is an extension of the proven Proficy iFIX software from GE Fanuc. Proficy iFIX is a market leader with thousands of systems installed around the globe. With over 15 years of application, iFix has logged more hours than any other electric utility SCADA product. iPower adds powerful electric utility industry-specific capabilities, including support for utility protocols and interface to other utility corporate software. When combined with the Orion RTU, an iPower SCADA system can be engineered, tested and commissioned in a fraction of the time of other systems.

Key features

  • AutoDB Data Base Creation By importing the Orion RTU database, the iPower SCADA database can be automatically generated, saving hours of tedious data entry, and reducing errors.  AutoScale – In one step, the Orion RTUs connected to iPower can scale data originating from substation IEDs into units required by SCADA, eliminating scaling at SCADA.
  • Pre-Engineered IED Pick Lists The Orion RTU comes equipped with over 300 IED point pick lists, simplifying the process of selecting which IED points should be accessed and presented to iPower SCADA.
  • Cyber Security The communication link between Orion RTUs and iPower can be locked down with the latest security features including strong passwords, firewall and encryption.
  • Protective Relay Access In Ethernet-based systems, protective relay engineering packages residing on corporate servers can pass through Orion RTUs to access relay fault records and other non-operational data.
  • Electric Utility Load Management The OnDemand load management system automates direct demand-side load control for an electric power distribution business.
  • Support for MultiSpeak Interoperability ProtocolMultiSpeak enables iPower to work seamlessly with outage management and engineering analysis software.

Secure Browser-Only SCADA Systems

For users with basic requirements for system visualization, alarm management, remote breaker control and limited data archival and trending, NovaTech can provide a complete SCADA system requiring only browser access from user PCs. In these systems, a local or remote Orion Automation Platform serves out standard and customized web pages. This browser-only design eliminates software maintenance and load issues on user PCs. NovaTech engineers can also design and commission a secure communication link between the Orion-based WEBserver HMI and user PCs, including VPN and firewalls.

Support for Legacy NovaView Plus Systems

NovaTech can provide extensions and modifications to legacy NovaView Plus systems, including adding new RTUs, new users, new pages and new IEDs. Current and earlier software versions of NovaView Plus are maintained at our Lenexa engineering center.