PowerPlex Digital Transducer

PowerPlex Digital Transducer

Real-Time and Synchronization Measurements in a Utility Grade Transducer

The PowerPlex® instrument is a utility-grade, three-phase, digital power transducer that connects directly to instrument transformers. Direct-connect high-voltage inputs are also available. The design and components are field-proven in the substation environment with all inputs transformer isolated.

The multiple microprocessor design uses advanced digital signal processing for true RMS measurements including power. This instrument is a multifunction transducer that calculates and displays Voltages, Currents, Power (real, reactive, apparent), Power Factor, Frequency, and Energy Values. Real-time Harmonics, K-Factor, Displacement Power Factor, and Demand measurements with Min/Max memory are also available.

The PowerPlex instrument is an Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) and stores these measured values in internal registers for serial communication access. The PowerPlex instrument is designed to meet IEC standard 1010 and is certified by Underwriters Laboratory to meet UL and CSA standards.

The family includes an RTS model with a separate reference voltage to calculate the phase angle to system voltage for synchronizing. The RTS high speed measurements and communications are ideally suited for gen-set applications.


  • Selectable element switch
  • Transducer Outputs: 0-1mA or 4-20mA