NCD Software

NCD Software

NovaTech Configuration Director is the software package used to configure every model of Orion Automation Platform

Fast and Easy Configuration

NCD allows a user with no specialized training to quickly configure the communications ports and internal logic of an Orion Automation Platform. Pre-configured point pick lists and point-and-click configuration bypass hours of tedious programming, register entry and scripting. Orion NCD leverages NovaTech’s decades of protocol emulation expertise to facilitate the intricacies of seamless integration. Most customers report hours and even days saved in integration time.

An extensive library of substation devices (and their data points) are selected using scroll down pick lists with intuitive naming structures instead of registers. Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) are configured by selecting the device’s manufacturer and model and then the individual data points available from that device. This method not only makes it unnecessary to enter data manually, but also picks up device specific characteristics. Highlighted data values are transferred to a common database, which is the repository for all data retrieved by the Orion.

Attached Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) are also configured with a pick list, selecting from the common database tagnames. Values are moved to the RTU database by highlighting and selecting the tagnames of the desired values. Manual entry of tagnames is not required.

After the Orion NCD file is created and saved, it is transferred to the Orion using the Zmodem file transfer protocol. Online diagnostics can also be accessed using this terminal functionality.

Orion NCD Features

  • Pick List Configuration – Orion NCD features an extensive library of IED profiles for the utility industry. User can create IED profiles using common spreadsheets to further extend Orion NCD’s compatibility
  • Four models, one program -The OrionLX, Orion5, Orion5r, and Orion16 are all configurable through Orion NCD
  • No Licensing Fees – One copy of Orion NCD is provided with each Orion Automation Platform and may be operated by multiple users
  • Terminal Software – Terminal window with file transfer functions
  • ASCII File Format – Orion NCD saves configuration parameters to an ASCII file that can be view with any text editor or spreadsheet
  • Compatibility – Orion NCD runs on Microsoft® Windows® XP SP3 or higher

7 Step IED (Master) Configuration

  1. Select serial port
  2. Select communication protocol from list
  3. Set communication parameters
  4. Select IED vendor from list
  5. Select IED name/part number from list
  6. Select input-output points from list
  7. Repeat for each IED or port

5 Step SCADA (Slave) Configuration

  1. Select serial port
  2. Select communication protocol from list
  3. Set communication parameters
  4. Select input and output points from list (this is the database of all points selected when the master ports were configured)
  5. Repeat for each RTU