Distributed I/O

Distributed I/O

Analog and Discrete Remote I/O Modules with Flexible Communications Options

In addition to Orion’s built-in discrete I/O, remote Analog and Digital I/O modules are available. Modules connect to Orion or any PLC or RTU with RS-232, RS-485, Fiber Optic or Ethernet connections using DNP3 protocol. Connections of up to 24 inputs or outputs are provided to meet specific requirements. The Orion Distributed I/O modules also offer high resolution (1ms) time-stamping, an IRIG-B port, and independent input circuits in an enclosed package.

878 DIOD

878 Distributed Input/Output Device (DIOD)

The Bitronics 878 DIOD is a self-powered, distributed I/O device that provides combinations of digital inputs, digital outputs, and transducer inputs. All I/O is accessible via IEC 61850 or DNP3 protocols for substation equipment monitoring. The 878 DIOD with its substation hardened design and flexible distributed communications capability allows it to be installed virtually anywhere in the substation. For detailed information, please read the application note.