DA Controller

DA Controller

Automatically detect, isolate, and compensate for power grid dynamics.

Distribution Automation (DA) is a key technology in enabling a Smarter Grid.  DA helps compensate for the varying outputs of wind and solar farms, isolates and restores faulted sections in seconds, and relieves the control burden on SCADA operators.

The Orion Distribution Automation (DA) Controller is a NovaTech Orion Substation Automation Platform with specialized DA Logic software that allows it to function as an independent Master Controller in a single or multi-feeder, single or multi-substation DA system. The Orion DA Controller is an intuitive and cost-effective tool to automate at the distribution substation level for Smart Grid and other dynamic grid initiatives.

DA Controller Features

The DA Controller polls Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) of multiple makes and models for system information, analyzes the data, and initiates trip-close commands to carry out user-defined system reconfiguration in response to abnormal system conditions. If remote monitoring and control is required, the DA-Master can communicate with the existing SCADA Master or RTU via any of a number of available protocol options. The DA-Master is a core technology of the DV2010 (Distribution Vision 2010) initiative headed by We Energies.

DA Controller Configuration

Automation logic configuration, similar to configuration of the standard Orion product, is easily accomplished using NCD, providing a simple drag and drop interface. Offline configuration allows the user to configure the system without connecting to the IEDs, enabling configuration outside of the substation. NovaTech engineers can simulate different fault conditions at each IED and verify automation schemes before equipment is installed in the field.