Orion5r and 5rL

Orion5r and 5rL

The only continuously upgradable Automation Platform

The Orion5r is a rugged, modular automation platform deployed in hundreds of harsh utility substation and process plant applications.  The Orions were the first convergent substation automation platform to simplify integration of legacy IEDs and networks.  They remain the only substation automation product family that can be upgraded to the latest firmware and capabilities with the same software application and configuration methods.

The 2U 19-inch chassis supports up to seventeen user serial ports, one or two Ethernet TCP/IP ports, internal dial-up modem, IRIG-B, and four discrete inputs and outputs. Sixteen of the user ports can be ordered with RS-232, RS-422/485 or fiber optic connectors. The Orion5r contains no fans, no hard drives, and no moving parts. The Orion5rL is an Orion5r with a retrofitted CPU from the OrionLX, giving the Orion5rL all of the power and software features of the OrionLX – including Cyber Security. Contact your local salesperson or representative to schedule your Orion5-Orion5rL conversion.

Key Design Features

Rugged Like a Relay

  • Meets ANSI C37.90.1 2002 Fast Transient on I/O and power supplies and ANSI C37.90.2 1995 RFI to 35 volts per meter
  • Direct fiber optic available on serial communication ports and Ethernet port
  • Designed to operate over -40°C to 70°C, without heaters or fans

Flexible and Modular Like a PLC

  • Complete logic suite for local control and intelligent alarming
  • Modular and expandable I/O
  • Modular and expandable ports
  • Non-volatile memory

Standard PC Tools

  • Large, expandable solid state memory
  • SQL-compliant relational database
  • Built-in 10/100MB Ethernet
  • A variety of communication options such as web pages, sFTP, SSH, telnet and PPP


  • Complete Cyber Security package
  • Built-in breaker control, counter and accumulator functions
  • Momentary-Change-Detect function
  • Full suite of utility protocols
  • Support for bit synchronous communications

IED Protocols

  • Areva KITZ
  • Basler DFPR
  • GE DLP
  • IEC60870-5-103
  • Modbus – Serial and TCP
  • PG&E 2179
  • SEL® Fast Operate
  • Allen Bradley DF1
  • Areva Optimho
  • DNP3 Serial and TCP
  • GridSense PAC
  • Modbus Plus
  • RFL
  • SEL® Fast Meter
  • SEL® Fast SER
  • SPA
  • TransData DTO

SCADA Protocols and other Master Protocols

  • Betac
  • CDC Type 1
  • Harris 5000
  • Modbus- Serial and TCP
  • REDAC 70H
  • Conitel-300, 2020
  • DNP3.0 Serial and TCP
  • Landis & Gyr 8979
  • PG&E 2179
  • TejasV

Other Protocols

  • FTP
  • NTP
  • SNTP
  • HTTP
  • SNMP
  • XML