NERC CIP Cyber Security Solutions

NERC CIP-Compliant Cyber Secure Substation Gateways and Password, Configuration and Remote Access Management

Click to enlarge NERC CIP Solutions schematic.

Click to enlarge NERC CIP Solutions schematic.

NovaTech OrionLX and LXm Automation Platforms provide comprehensive NERC CIP and CAL ISO-Compliant Secure Substation Gateway functionality. When combined with PAS Integrity software at the enterprise level, NovaTech provides CIP-compliant Remote Access and Administration of IEDs, including Password and Connections Management, Inventory, Configuration Management, Change Control and CIP Reporting for substation assets.

NERC CIP and CAL ISO Cyber Secure Substation Gateway

OrionLX and OrionLXm act as a NERC CIP and CAL ISO-Compliant Cyber Secure Substation Gateway by performing the following functions:

  • Firewall to block unauthorized clients
  • Strong password creation and maintenance tools restrict access to authorized users
  • LDAP support to manage passwords in a single enterprise location
  • Encrypted communication and key management to conceal transaction details
  • Extensive alarm and event logging to capture authorized and unauthorized activity

OrionLX is designed to operate with existing secure devices in the IT infrastructure, including upstream routers and PCs. The entire Orion Cyber Security architecture is based upon open, industry-standard hardware and software to ensure compatibility.

NERC CIP-010 Password, Configuration and Remote Access Management

The NovaTech and PAS combined solution addresses the needs of three utility groups: Protective Relay Engineers, IT Security professionals, and NERC CIP Compliance Managers.

The OrionLX or LXm Automation Processors provide Protective Relay Engineers with access to relays to obtain records and other non-operational data. The settings retrieval capability added to the OrionLX, along with PAS enterprise functions, address NERC CIP-010 and PRC-005 requirements, and also provide engineers with an accurate, automatically-updated centralized repository for relay settings. The number of trips to the substation can thereby be significantly reduced.

Company IT Security professionals can sleep easier knowing that Password Administration is covered, secure remote access is achievable and configuration baselines are recorded and monitored. Inside the substation, intrusion is monitored and prevented by the OrionLX using tools compliant to the latest Version 5 requirements.

For NERC CIP Compliance Managers, the solution facilitates continuous compliance monitoring, documents compliance, and full reporting to support annual filing requirements as well as ad-hoc reports for audit support.

Complete Systems Engineering from NovaTech

NovaTech project managers and engineers can work with you to assist in the design and implementation of a complete system. Our services include configuration, installation, commissioning and training.

Introductory Webinars

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OrionLX Compliance to NERC CIP 007 Describes features in the OrionLX to meet the existing NERC CIP-007 Version 3 requirements. Topics include securing communications ports, patch management, malicious software prevention, security status monitoring, and disposal and redeployment. Upcoming Version 5 requirements, including NERC CIP-010, are also summarized.

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Review of NERC CIP 010 and 011 Reviews the impending requirements in NERC CIP-010 and the features in the NovaTech/PAS system to meet them. Topics include new definitions for High and Medium Impact BES Cyber Systems, details of Version 5 and the requirements management of settings changes to critical relays and other IEDs.

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NERC CIP 010-1 Solution from NovaTech and PAS Describes the NovaTech/PAS solutions to meet NERC CIP-010 Configuration Change Management. Topics include how relay settings files are accessed by the OrionLX and how the PAS product, “Integrity” manages files, changes and reports.

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