nCare Support Agreements

nCare Support Agreements

nCare is a comprehensive support program for NovaTech Utility products including the Orion Automation Platform, Orion Distributed I/O, Orion Cyber Security Solutions, and Bitronics 70 Series Distributed Fault Recording. The nCare program is available to any US or Canadian purchaser of NovaTech Orion and Bitronics products.

Summary of nCare Program Components

  • Application Engineering “Flex Hours”
  • Priority On-Site Response
  • On-Site Orientation Class
  • Product Discounts
  • Volume Discounts
  • Annual Site Protocol Licenses
  • Blanket Purchase Order Options
  • Special Delivery Options
  • Extended Warranty Options

Application Engineering Flex Hours

nCare participants are credited with an initial allotment of Flex Hours, depending on level of participation. These hours can be used for a variety of on-site or in-office engineering services, including: detailed design review of user applications, Orion and DDIO configuration, Math and Logic creation, application performance testing, installation, commissioning, troubleshooting, and upgrades of hardware and software components. Additional Flex Hours can be purchased by nCare participants at the prevailing Preferred Client Rate Schedule.

Priority On-Site Response

nCare participants receive eight (8) hour emergency response time during normal business days, or “best effort on site” for requests outside of normal working hours. On-site support will be quoted per incident at the prevailing Preferred Client Rate Schedule, or NCare Flex Hours can also be used to cover on-site support requests. Clients are billed separately for travel and living expenses.

On-Site Orientation Class

A one (1) day utility products orientation class is included with each annual NCare agreement. Some of the topics that can be covered in this class are:

  • Orion Configuration
  • Utility Cyber-Security (NERC CIP)
  • I/O Configuration
  • Relay Integration
  • Math and Logic
  • Web Page Development
  • Ethernet in Substations
  • Serial Communication in Substations (RS232, 422/485, serial fiber)

*The hours for NovaTech personnel to lead this course are at no charge to the client, with billing separate for travel and living expenses.

Product Discounts

nCare participants receive an automatic discount on Orion automation hardware and other qualified NovaTech Utility products. The discount varies with level of participation.

Volume Discounts

In addition, nCare participants are eligible for volume discounts based upon the total dollar sum of Utility products purchased in the prior year. These Volume Discounts increase the discount above what is offered under the nCare Product Discounts.

Annual Site Protocol Licenses

A number of our clients have requested the ability for all Orions to have the same compliment of protocols, yet only pay for the protocols that are used. nCare addresses this need by providing participants an option to purchase, in advance, an annual nCare protocol license for each protocol in use. The license provides savings over the normal a-la-carte protocol pricing. During the twelve (12) month term defined by the nCare program, all selected protocols will be installed on all purchased Orions. Additional protocols can be added to the base configuration during the term of the agreement.

Special Delivery Option – Blanket Purchases

Participants may establish a Blanket Purchase Order with forecasted delivery schedules for shipments, or accept the estimated delivery date assigned to each authorized request issued against a Blanket P.O.

Special Delivery Option – Drop Shipment to Panel Shops, Switchgear Suppliers, etc.

In order to assure the nCare participant is credited with the correct nCare Product and Volume discount, NovaTech will, upon request, drop ship Utility products to the participants’ panel shops and switchgear suppliers.

Extended Warranty Options

nCare participants can purchase additional warranty coverage to extend the five-year factory warranty. The extended warranty must be purchased within one year from the initial delivery. If a customer wants to purchase extended warranties for existing or non-covered units, the customer will be assessed a one time maintenance fee, plus the first year’s annual coverage cost.