Engineering Services

Engineering Services

An Extension of Your Engineering Organization

NovaTech has been successfully designing, delivering, and supporting utility systems and services for over 30 years.  The Utility Systems and Services staff in Lenexa, Kansas includes project engineers, SCADA engineers, panel assemblers, software engineers, quality engineers and training instructors. The Lenexa staff works with other NovaTech locations – in Bethlehem, PA; Owings Mills, MD; Aiken, SC; Shelby, NC and Quezon City in the Philippines  –  to coordinate field installation and commissioning. Our 37,000 square foot facility in Lenexa features a professionally designed climate controlled manufacturing area, state of the art testing laboratories, and fully equipped engineering areas.

NovaTech engineers can work under the supervision of a utility engineer as an extension to the utility organization.  Whether on a first project to get utility engineers up to speed or on a longer term contract to provide engineering services, NovaTech enables customers to get up the learning curve faster and to accelerate project schedules.

RTU Panel Engineering and Packaging

NovaTech Orion RTU panels are custom-designed to meet specific customer requirements, and typically include Orion-based automation, third-party IEDs, HMI, communication gear, power supply, terminal strips and optional battery monitor.  NovaTech will take full responsibility for configuration of all equipment and testing prior to shipment.

  • Panel design
  • Third-party equipment procurement
  • Panel assembly and wiring
  • Factory Acceptance Test
  • On-site installation and commissioning
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Project Engineering

Bitronics Instrument Packaging and Engineering

NovaTech can provide Bitronics instruments packaged, wired, configured and ready for installation, complete with display, clock, isolation switch, mounting hardware, etc. Upon request, NovaTech will create a special, single part number for the entire “standard” assembly to simplify order placement.

Orion WEBserver HMI and SCADA

NovaTech provides lower-cost HMI and Small SCADA systems based on open web-based technologies. Screens typically include:

  • One-line Diagram
  • Animated IED Faceplates
  • Alarm Annunciator
  • Sequence of Events Recording
  • Data Trending
  • Communication Diagnostics
NovaTech web-based SCADA requires no loading or maintenance of special PC software.

Distribution Automation

NovaTech can provide any portion of a Distribution Automation (DA) system, from standard Orion DA software modules, through engineering services for configuration to complete turn-key project including radio system engineering and commissioning. Through 2010, NovaTech has provided product and services for over two dozen DA systems.  Two customer DA applications papers can be accessed from the Premium section of the Documentation Library (registration required):

Application Training

NovaTech offers customized onsite application training for Orion and Bitronics products. Courses include:
  • Orion DA-Master Design, Operation and Maintenance
  • Orion WEBserver/SVG Graphics and Design Application
  • Orion Math and Logic Design and Application
  • Orion Protocols for Relay Integration – Design and Application
  • OrionLX Cyber-Security Design and Application
  • OrionLX Alarm-Archive-Retentive Configuration and Application (AAR)
  • OrionLX Email Configuration and Application
  • Bitronics  Utilities Power Specialist  / Communications Specialist