50 Series SCADA Meters and Indicators

50 Series SCADA Meters and Indicators

50 Series SCADA Meters and Indicators provide value and simplicity in SCADA and stand alone metering applications.

With advanced Ethernet communications, web-based configuration, rugged design, and unmatched flexibility, the 50 Series reduces cost of ownership in all areas: configuration, integration, commissioning, and spares.

All 50 Series Meters offer:

  • “Simple Mode” setup through front panel and advanced web-based configuration tools
  • Outstanding 3-line, 5-digit display with automatic indication of engineering units
  • Communications flexibility with optional RS-232/RS-485 serial port or transducer output
  • Standard Ethernet service port for access to on-board web server port can also provide Modbus/DNP3 TCP/IP communications

M650 and M653 SCADA Meters and M651 SCADA Transducers

The Bitronics M650 family of Multifunction SCADA meters features a full set of power system measurements – instantaneous in the model B3 and added peaks, and demands in the model M3. The M651 transducer offers the same functionality without a display.  The M653 also offers the same features, but provides a three-at-once display mounted in a 19″, 3U high panel.  All models offer the same 50 Series communication options.  A split core CT option is available for all M65x models that allows fast connection without interrupting your CT.

M350 Family of Ammeters and Volt Meters

The M350 V3 is a 3-phase voltmeter, while the A3 is a 3-phase ammeter with amp demand included. These meters offer most of the same features and options as the M650 including flexible communications for serial, Ethernet or transducer output, and standard web interface and front capacitor sense buttons for easy setup.

Web-Based Configuration

All 50 Series meters and transducers serve out their own configuration dialogues accessible from standard web browsers.  View a live example here:

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