Welcome to the Energy Evolution

Welcome to the Energy Evolution

The Power Grid is in the middle of an ongoing transformation from a fossil-fuel dependent, centralized, industrial-age design to a more dynamic, efficient, and distributed design that accommodates renewables and many more points of control.

NovaTech products have been instrumental to the safe and reliable operation of the Grid since its inception, and continue to extend the capabilities of the electric utility engineers leading this transformation today. Our products, including the industry-leading Orion Substation Automation Platform and Utility-Grade Bitronics Measurement Products, combine state-of-the-art features with flexible, intuitive deployment tools. Our Engineering Services provide a wide range of cabinet design, fabrication, installation and testing.   Over 3,000 NovaTech Orion RTUs and automation systems and over 100,000 Bitronics Instruments are installed worldwide.

Twenty Five Years of Firsts

This timeline details the history of technological leadership of NovaTech products in the fields of power measurement and substation automation.