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Relay Integration, Automation, HMI, and NERC CIP Secure Gateway in One Easy to Use Box

The OrionLX Substation Automation Platform is designed with a Linux operating system, more powerful processors for an expanded range of substation automation applications, and comprehensive Cyber-Security functions for meeting NERC CIP requirements. Configuration of the OrionLX – including the points read from IEDs, the points presented to SCADA, Math and Logic, and special functions for Sequence of Events, Alarm Annunciation and Distribution Automation – is accomplished using NovaTech Communications Director (NCD), the same license-free tool used to configure other Orion models. NCD eliminates nearly all register entry and typing by providing preconfigured pick lists for dozens of utility protocols and over 250 utility IEDs.

Key Features

Direct VGA Video

A rugged VGA Touchscreen Monitor is available for the OrionLX. With the OrionLX and the Direct Video option, the substation HMI PC can be replaced with a secure VGA terminal, either Touchscreen or with USB mouse/keyboard, eliminating HMI-related security concerns.

High Performance CPU

The optional OrionLX High Performance CPU provides two to three times more speed and processing power than the standard OrionLX CPU. It is intended for larger automation applications, notably transmission substation applications with large SCADA databases, extensive math and logic, many webpages and encryption and other security features implemented.

IEC 61131-3 Advanced Math and Logic

The OrionLX Advanced Math and Logic functions can now be ordered with the five IEC 61131-3 programming languages. Orion IEC 61131-3 is fully integrated in the Orion NCD (NovaTech Communications Director) configuration software.

IEC 61850

The OrionLX is available with IEC 61850 Client and GOOSE. With 61850, Orion “IED pick lists” become IED “CID” files. Points are simply dragged and dropped from a new expanding tree structure listing all available IED points. Selected 61850 IED points can be presented to any supported Slave protocol such as IEC 60870-5-101 or DNP3.


An OrionLX can be configured with wide-range redundant power supplies, a fiber optic Ethernet port, a Multimedia Board with VGA Video Output, and any combination of RS232, RS485, and Fiber communication cards.


Popular software options include “Cascaded Orion” to simplify the integration of multiple Orions, the ability to email alarms and SEL® event records, point aliasing, an open SQL Database for data archiving, “Relay Helper” to create SEL® relay picklists, “FileMover” to automatically send files to an FTP site, and many more.

Front View

OrionLX-frontRear View



SCADA Protocols IED Protocols Other Protocols
Betac/Getac ABB DPU IEC 61850
Conitel – 300/20×0 Allen Bradley DF1 FTP and sFTP
CDC – Type I and II Areva KITZ HTTP and HTTPS
Harris 5000 Areva Optimho NTP and SNTP
IEC 60870 Serial and TCP Basler DFPR PPP
L&G 8979 DNP3 Serial and IP SNMP
Modbus – Serial and TCP GE DLP SNTP
REDAC 70H GE Moisture Meter SSH
TejasV GridSense PAC telnet
DNP3 Serial and IP IEC 870-5-10 XML
Keithley Meter Plus suite of other securityprotocols
Modbus Serial and TCP
PG&E 2179
SEL Fast Meter
SEL Fast Operate
TransData DTO

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