Orion5r + OrionLX CPU


Upgrade for NERC CIP Compliance and More Power

The Orion5rL is an Orion5r with a retrofitted CPU from the OrionLX, giving the Orion5rL all of the power and software features of the OrionLX – including NERC CIP Cyber Security. The 2U 19-inch chassis supports up to seventeen user serial ports, one or two Ethernet TCP/IP ports, internal dial-up modem, IRIG-B, and four discrete inputs and outputs. Sixteen of the user ports can be ordered with RS-232, RS-422/485 or fiber optic connectors. The Orion5rL contains no fans, no hard drives, and no moving parts.

Orion5rL Key Features

  • Web page interface for enhanced configuration and diagnostic support (online operations)
  • Full OrionLX Security on the front RS-232 port, Port-blocking firewall, authentication of multiple users and multiple access groups, VPN, and audit logging
  • PostgreSQL Database
  • OrionLX CPU (replacing Orion5r CPU)
  • New adaptor “carrier board” enables OrionLX CPU to fit into existing Orion54 architecture
  • Expanded memories from the OrionLX (256MB, 1GB, 4GB) will be provided to support the Archive-Alarm-Retentive option (Note: Expanded memory will not be a standard part of the Orion5rL upgrade)

Orion5rL Configuration and Orion5r Configuration Conversion

Existing Orion5r configurations will require minor changes to run in the Orion5rL including Ethernet addresses, user name and password, and removal of archive or Web Alarms and replacement with Alarm-Archive-Retentive option.  We provide a wizard to assist in conversion of Orion5r configurations to run in the Orion5rL/OrionLX.  Existing Orion5r Key Files will be upgraded and installed in Orion5rL processors prior to shipment of the upgraded unit.

Click here for the Orion Support website (separate login required) 

  • NCD3 Upgrade Datasheet

    This note summarizes new features in NCD3 and describes the procedure for obtaining / updating to NCD3.

    October 19, 2011

  • Orion Security Features Comparison Datasheet

    The OrionLX/Orion5rL Automation Platforms are designed with access controls, intrusion protection and security logging to meet or exceed NERC CIP Cyber Security standards for critical cyber assets. The OrionLX/Orion5rL are designed to provide a migration path to upgrade the existing Orion5/Orion5r platforms to meet these new security requirements. Configuration conversions tools are provided to preserve engineering investments. This datasheet summarizes security features on the OrionLX/Orion5rL compared to the Orion5/Orion5r.

    December 17, 2010

  • Orion5rL Datasheet

    This note summarizes new features in NCD3 and describes the procedure for obtaining / updating to NCD3.

    October 18, 2010

  • Orion5rL Upgrade Datasheet

    The Orion5rL Upgrade provides the OrionLX CPU, operating system and software features plus conversion utilities to update your existing Orion5r. As with the OrionLX, the Orion5rL is designed for larger and more advanced substation automation applications.

    October 18, 2010

  • Additional Datasheets, Application Notes, Customer Success Stories and other documents in our documentation library

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