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Simple and Secure Substation Automation

NovaTech Substation Automation and Cyber Security division (located in Lenexa, Kansas) got its start automating utility substations and gas pipelines with off-the-shelf PLCs loaded with custom protocol emulations.  Frustrated by the complicated and “clunky” configuration of these systems, the Lenexa group set out to design a platform that would leverage the convergence of communications and automation capabilities to replace multiple substation devices ‑ Remote Terminal Units, Chart Recorders, Cyber Secure Communications Gateways, Distribution Automation Controllers, Protective Relay Communications Processors, Cyber Secure Substation Gateways and more ‑ into a single, easily-configured box. Today OrionLX is the leading flexible substation automation platform in the U.S. market, seamlessly and easily integrating data from multiple vendors’ measurement and protection devices and providing NERC CIP Cyber Security for over a hundred new U.S. utilities in the past four years.

“Thanks so much!  You guys provide the BEST support of any company I have ever dealt with.“ 

- Dennis Denison, Entergy Arkansas


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    Security Monitoring Points

    The standard OrionLX software feature “Sensor Master” (NCD Version 3.27 or higher and OrionLX release 8.3 or higher) now includes new points to monitor how a user is logged in or attempting to log in.

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    Cochran Marine, OrionLX and Bitronics – Automated Shore Power

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    Can You Spot the REAL Orion?

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